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Recent posts by Ankit Varshney

Yes ,Its Right
As I am able to retrieve my user name and password from a Jsp Page using the session bean,So I dont think its a problem of DataSource....
Hello friends,

I am deploying my ear file using NetBeans 6.5.1,Jboss 5.0.1GA and hibernate.
But while running my application I am getting some exception..The details are given below....

While debugging the code the error point is....

What I understand is that while an entity want to connect with the database its throwing the above Exception..
There is no problem for a JSP to communicate with database using session bean....It running fine..
Please help me out to sort the problem..
My persistence.xml looks like this...


When I was trying to deploy my application(.ear)
on JBOSS-5.0.1.GA-jdk6 its not able to deploy that application and throwing some exception.
The exception is given below....

When I searched on net Its showing that there is a problem in jboss.xml.
When I removed the jboss.xml from my ear file Its deploying sucessfully but some error in deployment its showing....

But with the same jboss.xml
one application is already running but with older code.

How to handle these exception.Please help me as soon as possible.
My jboss.xml is posteed below

I am using Netbeans Is there any problem with my jboss.xml?
As ignore dependency tag is needed for my application because there are circular dependencies in my session beans.
10 years ago
Hello friends ,

I am using ejb 3.0 with JBOSS 5.0 in my project.
when I am using any session bean,its showing following warnings

These warnings are not creating any problem but slow down the speed of project very much.
These warnings are coming for every method of session bean which I am calling.
Can you please tell me how to avoid these warnings???

11 years ago
Thanks for help

I have resolved this issue.
But this look littile bit odd as inside <injection-target-name>ejb1Bean</injection-target-name>
this tag you have to mention reference variable name of the dependent bean.
So if i will change my bean's name in the code i have to change this xml file also???

What do you think??
11 years ago
Thanks friend,

But I have tried to read that xsd but not able to get the schema..
Can you please post the required jboss.xml?
I have tried also but while runniing server was not able to parse the tags of jboss.xml..

Plese help me..
11 years ago
Thanks friend,

I have tested @IgnoreDependency.Its working with this annotation.
But I do not want to use @IgnoreDependency because for that I have to change my existing code a lot..
Somewhere I have seen in place of using @IgnoreDependency we can edit the "jboss.xml".
But I did not find the exact structure for editing of "jboss.xml".

Can you please tell me how to use "jboss.xml" in place of @IgnoreDependency..

My Session Beans are described below.
Please post me the "jboss.xml" for these session beans..


11 years ago

I have identified the problem..

Its becoz term known as "CIRCULAR DEPENDENCY".
Means the session beans having the references of each other like
There are 2 session beans A and B and A has reference of B and B has reference of A
It means its Circular Dependency and JBOSS is failed to deploy both the beans..
Please suggest any solution for this..

Is this a bug in Jboss??
11 years ago
Yes My lookUP code is like This

When I am creating New Session bean its working fine with this lookup Code means I am able to access that bean from servlet properly, but when I am trying to access the existing created session bean (This session Bean containing the references of other session beans means its using other session beans by annotations not this lookup code) its showing this exception.

Please help me to solve this problem...
In last reply you told about "JNDIView to verify the the name of the EJB"
What is this???
11 years ago
Hello Friends

I Have one ear project in its EJB part I have different pakages for sesion beans and entities.
But while deploying all entities are successfully deployed , but session beans are not deployed properly
when I am accessing the session beans from a jsp page its throwing this exception.I am looking up session beans
using Intial Context an lookUp method.

But One interesting thing I have seen when i have created that session bean again with other name its working sometimes.
I am not getting what is the problem ?? Why its working with other Name.

This unexpected behavior of Jboss 5.0.1GA I am not getting.
Please help me to sort out this.
11 years ago
Hello friends

I have solved that problem of javax.servlet.ServletException: non-HTTP request or response.

But now I am getting the problem

javax.naming.NamingException: Could not dereference object [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: LoginSessionBean not bound]

I am using jboss-5.1.0.GA as a server

My web.xml is shown below

My jboss.xml is shown below

my persistence.xml is shown below

My oracle-ds.xml is shown below

my oracle-xa-ds is shown below

please help me...
11 years ago
hello Sir,

I also have tried in jboss-5.1.0.GA but its giving same error..

What should i do???

Its very urgent for me

11 years ago
Hello Friends

I am using J BOSS 5.0.0 GA for deploying my ear file.Its deployed successfully but while running the project its shown the exception.
The server log is shown below..

Please help me out.How to solve it
11 years ago

Hello Friends,

I have an ear file that is created with Jdeveloper with OC4j server.Now when I am importing that ear to eclipse with Jboss 5.0.0 .Its showing some SAXException while parsing my web.xml.I am using EJB 3.0
The sever Log is shown below..

and my web.xml is shown below

Please help me out...
11 years ago
No I am not asking about ear file.I can get it from jDeveloper.But I want to deploy the application in jboss with jdeveloper which is already running with embedded oc4j server and jdeveloper.I have gone through some tutorials also but I didnt get any solution.I want step by step process.Any idea please help me.
11 years ago