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since Aug 04, 2008
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Recent posts by manoj achari

Hi all,
I have code which creates a connection fetches data from server and closes the connection, the application is to run above logic in a loop of 10,000 and above. I same facing a problem of connections not getting closed properly. Do anyone has idea of connection pooling?.
one solution we found is maintain a single connection and use the same throughout the apllication, but here the problem is if we are not using the port for a particular duration the system is not able to recognise the port no.. thanks in advance
15 years ago
Thanks in advance .
I have a program which reads a xml file .
xml file content
- <comp>
- <validationInput>

whenever the character method of content handler is invoked to read the content of tag businessValidationClass it read as two different values for ex. Validator0 and 0 , but if i move the line above the tag validationInput, the value is read correctle, can anyoune help me why the parser is unable to read the string completely
15 years ago
I have a small program which reads a simple XML file written by me with customised tags. The problem is whenever OnCharacter method of the content handler is triggered it reads only a part of the string between the tags, but if i interchange the xml content it works fine, can anyone out tre help me out in this regard .
15 years ago
does anyone has the idea of creating multiple log file through log4j in multiple threads and the no.of thread created is dynamic.
15 years ago
HI all, Thanks in advance
I have a simple java program which creates multiple child threads (no.of threads depends on input string if input has three string then three threads would be created)..I m using Log4j for logging , i want to create a log file in each of the thread and log its respective thread content in it , but the problem is since i m using single properties file and each time a thread created im creating a logger instance and setting the properties , i m not able to get the appropriate thread content in its respective log file