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It really depends on what sort of payment validation you're looking for and what you want to spend. PayProFlow and Auth.NET are expensive but offer better fraud protection and authorization tools. PayPal and Google have lighter weight SDKs but not as many bells and whistles.

I've worked with all of them except Google and they all have their pros and cons. I would take Auth.NET over PayProFlow because their SDK is easier to use. I would probably use Google over PayPal just because I don't like PayPal

If you want to go cheap, then go PayPal or Google. Check their feature sets to make sure they have what you want then check their APIs and see which one looks easiest to implement. If the feature sets look comparable, I'd go with ease-of-implementation since they are both big names and probably both just as secure.

Up front, I would only worry about doing MOD10 checks on the cards and let the payment provider do the rest (that's what they're there for)...trying to determine if a card is a certain type is a pain because there are so many variants (especially once you get outside the States).
11 years ago
Scrolling issues in IFrames are generally because of content and not container. FireFox will often add additional padding and/or margins to the document you are calling within your IFrame. Try focusing there - by adding something like:

Or try outlining your document. You may see margins in FF and not in IE (or vice-versa).
They probably don't (at least Google Maps doesn't). You will need to find a service out there that returns the geocode for you - based on IP - so you can find their location.\

I've used these guys for Google Maps geocode lookups and they're good:

No guarantee, of course
11 years ago
Sorry, that is actually: setSoTimeout().
Check out socket.setSOTimeout(). There ares some other things you can do as well, like mess with TCP delay
do you have control over the SQL server or do you get your data through an interface of some sort? if you have control, then you can use DTS (SQL 2000) or SSIS (SQL 2005+) to push the data to your MySQL database.

if you don't have control over the SQL server, you will probably have to write something local that harvests the data you need every Friday...syncing this will be the issue.
Yes, IE checks name if it can't find an the id attribute, but you should remember that you could have two different values in those params and IE will not treat name as id.

for example:

which could be referenced (if nested in a form) like:

check out the "fileset" should be able to use that to include files during compilation.
11 years ago
look here under the "Accessing the form elements" header: forms in JS
"on_click"...that attribute does not seem right. Check the documentation for the anchor tag.

In any event, Bear is right unless you don't have any other way of doing what you are doing.
select * from mytable where date_column_name between date1 and date2

is that what you mean?
your servlet class probably needs to be the full package name, ie:

assuming here that you built the class in a package.
11 years ago
Is this MySQL or SQL Server? If it is SQL Server, you could write a stored procedure and handle the params in the sproc.