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Recent posts by Ishika

Hello ranchers,
Can one provide me with code for uploadin multiple files in spring.

Any help will be appreciated.
hello All,

I m able to download a file from server using spring..I can download text file,doc files etc. But not images.
I m using this code...

Any help will be appreciated..
thnks in advance
Hello ranchers,
can any one provide me with the code for downloading a file using spring.
thnks in advance

got that working to..
just added the following code which gets the file name.

Any ways thnks for the help.
Hello ranchers,
Thanks a lot now i m able to upload file.But facing one problem.
ie.If my file is text file ,it is not getting saved as text file,it is getting saved without any extension.For opening that file i have always do a
openwith -->Notepad.
any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
thnks,but my html file is same as the one you posted..but still it is not working.
hello ranchers,

My Controller Code :

My problem is :In my controller
MultipartFile multipart = multipartRequest.getFile("file1");
returns null....
Which is it returning null....

Please help me....
Hello All,
Please gimme somr sample project for uploading a file using spring.

Thanks in advcance
thnks...but i want a small that i can refer it .....apply the same to my project...
Can any one provide me a example application for uploading a file using spring.
I referred this link
but it not wroking.

Thanks in advance,
Hello Ranchers,
WE are using ireport for producing word documents.
My report has multiple section.Each section is put in a table.
Now,my problem is how to hide a table when no data is present in that section.
This has become a major issue...........
Thanks ,
Saloon Java Ranch User
Can any one help me to configure multiple database using spring and jdbc.

Problem Statement:
My application needs to have functionality of year wise login.So for that I have 3 datasources db0607, db0708, db0809 and by default it points to db0809. I thought of using AbstractRoutingDataSource.
However,I recognized a problem.I would switch to a Datasource say db0708, and then navigate around and realize that i am back at the default db0809. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this.How would i go about fixing this?

This is how my Code goes

Dao Code:

application-data.xml code :

<bean name="employeeDao" class="com.testdb.testeg.persistance.EmployeeDaoImpl">
<property name="dataSource">
<ref bean="dataSource">

<bean id="parentDataSource"
<property name="driverClassName" value="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"/>
<property name="url">

<bean id="dataSource0809" parent="parentDataSource">
<property name="username" value="${db.0809.username}"></property>
<property name="password" value="${db.0809.password}"></property>


<bean id="dataSource0708" parent="parentDataSource">
<property name="username" value="${db.0708.username}"></property>
<property name="password" value="${db.0708.password}"></property>
<bean class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer">
<property name="location" value="WEB-INF/"/>

<bean id="dataSource" class="com.testdb.testeg.web.LoginRoutingDataSource">
<property name="targetDataSources">
<map >
<entry key="com.testdb.testeg.web.LoginType.login0708" value-ref="dataSource0708"/>
<entry key="com.testdb.testeg.web.LoginType.login0809" value-ref="dataSource0809"/>
<property name="defaultTargetDataSource" ref="dataSource0809"/>

Thanks in Advance,
Java Ranch User
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