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Recent posts by Natallia Vitalisova

Thanks a lot for your replies.

By the way, can a Java Web Start application be embedded directly into an HTML page, like applet? I mean, just not to open it in a separate window. I guess, it can, right?
13 years ago
I need to create a new feature on my website. It will be some kind of sound recorder: a user logs in, records a new message using this feature and his microphone. His record is temporary cached on the client, so the user can listen to it before sending somewhere and make necessary corrections.

When the user clicks "Save", his record is saved on the server, and then the user has the ability just to send a link to his friends, so that they could listen to his record.

Is Java Web Start applicable here? Or applets are enough? Or this feature is not the best application for Java Technology at all?
13 years ago
Hi, Ajay, could you share your experience on part 2 in a little bit broader way? What materials did you use etc?
Thanks to all of you for your congratulations =)
I scored 60%, not high but sufficient. Will try harder for the next parts.
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I meant, however, are there some mock exams and tutorials or something like this? Literature to read doesn't differ much from the first part but the questions do.
IMHO just understanding the basics of EJB technology is enough. Try to look through EJB in Action or Mastering EJB books.
In my opinion, SCBCD isn't completely required and needed for SCEA. It is good to have this certificate, but I can't say that there were a lot of EJB3 questions on the exam which required really a deep knowledge of this technology.
Well, on September, 9th I succeeded on my SCEA part 1 exam. It was quite hard but I did it =))))
I've got a question about what is the best way now to get prepared to part 2/3? What materials to study? Where to find maybe some demo exams? Or is it better just to order this part 2 and start working on it without some extra preparation because time for taking it, as far as I know, is unlimited?

So, what would you advice me? =) Thanks a lot
well, now notes seem more full-scope =)
Topics left are only Web services, JSF and GOF patterns
Hi everybody,

I'm preparing now to SCEA exam and am planning to take it on August, 25.

I've published some of my notes here: Those are still not all of them, but I'm planning to add all the rest in a few days.

Posting a link to my blog here I'm trying to attain 2 main points:
1. Maybe someone will find my notes useful
2. Maybe there are several mistakes and misunderstandings in those notes. I'd be very graceful to the person who will correct them.

Thanks =)