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anyway just thought i'd add some advice as it's in my nature to give advice at every possible chance for some reason.
if you ever encounter something that you think could be paranormal (wether you believe in it or not) you can protect yourself. it's quite easy, and will protect you from any negative energy. generally, spirits are good and will not harm you, but sometimes negative energy or negative spirits find their way to people. SO... there are two ways i know of: one is grounding: imagine roots growing out of your feet into the earth. if you really concentrate you'll feel your feet are actually stuck to the floor, it's pretty cool, and it brings about a sense of peace (for me anyway)
the second is called protecting: imagine a white light enveloping you.
pretty simple, but it's recommended that you do both before doing anything related to spirits or paranormal activity, they both protect you from negative energy.
sounds silly to the skeptics i'm sure, but i just wanted to get that out there, it's good to know in case you ever need to use it.
incidently, if your house is haunted by a spirit, if you protect yourself, then imagine sending the spirit into the white light and ask it to leave, chances are it will
20 years ago
kids are known to have more psychic energy than adults, generally cause we don't develop it as we get older so we lose the ability.
20 years ago
of course they're animals. every conscious being is an animal. we are animals.
and in all fairness, the eggs we eat are not fertilized are they? i mean i'm not entirely sure on that but aren't they fertilized after laying? if not i sound stupid i know, but if i'm right... they aren't really underdeveloped animals, but have the potential to be.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Angela Poynton:
you could define me as a veggie,...
... Those who don't eat meat but do eat fish (me)

i hate to drag this out and i'm sure i'll get told off for it, but if you eat fish you are in no way a vegetarian, sorry. vegetarians, any type, do not eat any animal flesh at all. wether they choose to also eliminate dairy and eggs is a different story but no veg eats fish. you could call yourself piscevore though (i think that's the correct term anyway)
20 years ago
i totally believe in paranormal. now nessie and bigfoot are not exactly paranormal, they're just creatures that may or may not exist that haven't been discovered by science yet. if you think about it, new species are being discovered all the time in the Rainforests, etc, so i imagine there are lots of creatures out there that haven't been seen yet.
but anyway.. how do ghosts see? they're on a different plane, the spiritual plane. the planes overlap in a way i don't quite understand, but they can see us, and some of us can see them. see, i believe everyone has some spiritual/psychic ability, it's just a matter of developing it. there are mediums, who speak to spirits, and then there are psychics, who see things without spiritual guidance, the past present and sometimes future.
everyone has spirit guides, wether they know it or not. these are spirits who stay with you and try to guide you through life. sometimes they speak to you and you probably hear them without knowing it, it's like a second thought train in your head that you may not even know is not your own thoughts.
i've had readings done, the first was by a close friend of the family. she called one day and said i had to go over to her place, so i did. she said "someone" was trying to tell her they needed to talk to me, so she used the ouija board to call them forth. well it ended up being my father and he had lots to say. he talked about things that nobody else knew about me, nobody.
anyway, a week or so ago i had another reading by a medium, she found out some things from my guides and then spoke to my father as well, and again lots of things were said that nobody could know. she knew that someone had stolen money from me but she couldn't see who it was.
a couple days later i spoke with a psychic reader and she was able to give a full description of the thief, there's no mistaking who it was now. she described her right down to the colour of her backpack. it was a person at work, i knew that much already, so when she described the only female who was working that day besides me, it was obvious cause she described her to a tee.
anyways, the last 2 readings were in a chatroom, yeah they can even do reading via internet, i go to that room a lot and just watch readings and chat with the mediums and psychics. it's a wonderful place, they are all very nice people and will answer any questions you might have. go to
you don't even need to register and it's completely free to chat.
20 years ago
try that in a marketing firm and it's practically guaranteed to work.
i heard that General Motors, biggest company in world, loves assertiveness and won't hire you if you don't pass the following test:
during the job interview for the marketing department, there are two interviewers, one sits behind you so that you have to turn your head to talk to them.
the trick is that you have to ask the person behind you to move around in front. if you don't, you're not hired. cause it shows you're not agressive and you don't have a feel for good communication
(while turning your head to talk behind, the guy in front can't hear, and vise versa, plus it's rude to turn your back on anyone in negotiations, etc)
20 years ago
before i went vegan i wouldn't eat lamb, veal, duck, or anything else really besides pork beef and chicken. didn't even eat much seafood but only cause i didn't like it.
though personally i'm against eating meat or any other animal products, i try not to push my opinions onto others. i know i was very curious about it before i switched, so i feel there are probably others who are as well, so i try to spread around as much info as i can to help out, but i don't actually try to convince people to go veg. i know how much i hate when JW's come around and try to push their beliefs on me, so i try not to do the same to others with my opinions on meat.
so if anything i've said sounded pushy, i'm sorry, it wasn't meant to be
20 years ago
wouldn't it just be easier to format and reinstall everything? a bit of a pain to reinstall if you don't have the discs, but we just did ours and it helped tremendously. still don't know what was wrong with it before, but could've been a virus as it was getting worse and worse all the time. at one point we tried to defrag hoping it'd help and somehow the puter managed to delete all the drivers my friend's explanation is that it got clusterfu*$ed and went crazy, but i dunno
20 years ago
actually the hair remover one i'm thinking of is like wax, except not wax, it's more like sugaring, only not. i dunno, it's a totally unique product, and they claim that unlike wax it bonds only to the hair, not to the skin, so it doesn't hurt. but i've heard that it doesn't work that well and hurts like hell, but i dunno, i'd still try it if it weren't so expensive. actually the price isn't bad, but i'd have to pay in US dollars and like a million dollars shipping and handling, so thpt that.
20 years ago
dang hosers eh?
20 years ago
we just upgraded ours last year to the tune of $700 and the bloody thing still doesn't work very well
we have to buy a new cd rom soon, we seem to go through them fairly quickly for some reason, we're on our third.
20 years ago

actually vegan primarily means no meat, dairy, or egg.. not all vegans believe in not eating honey, because it's not really directly from the animal. i haven't decided how i feel on that issue myself yet, but i'm not eating any honey until i do some research on it and make up my mind, i'd hate to find out some reason not to while i'd been eating it all along, i'd feel guilty.
as for the cultural thing, i don't know any that are strictly vegan either, BUT you have to realize in India and other countries of that area, milk is not a staple as it is in the western world. it is not used in food the way it is here, and most indian families do not drink milk. as for eggs, i'm not sure about that one, but i don't remember seeing or eating any indian food that contained egg. so yeah i guess most indians actually are vegan.
thing about milk is that it's totally unnatural if you think about it. we are the only species that drinks milk after weaning age, and the only species that drinks the milk of another species. sounds yucky if you really think about it. would you drink human breastmilk? no, but you're perfectly happy to drink cow's breastmilk. human breastmilk is for feeding human babies, cow's breastmilk is for feeding cow babies.
just had to insert my two cents on that subject.
oh, and being vegan isn't necessarily expensive. it is at the moment because of the high prices of produce during this dry weather across Canada and the US, produce is harder to come by this summer. but normally, it's quite a bit cheaper than buying meat. i spend way less money on groceries now than i did when i was buying meat. also, vegans generally are more limited to buying fresh stuff and cooking from scratch, whereas meat-eaters tend to buy a lot of pre-cooked, microwavable stuff which is very expensive. i used to spend so much money on things like pizza pockets and frozen stuff like that. but it's not so easy to find what are called "convenience foods" that are vegan. i've only seen a few packaged pasta dinners, but they didn't look very appealing anyways. this is another reason why vegan diets are so much more healthy, not as much junk food
my grocery bills used to be about $60 every 2 weeks, now it is usually only $30 or $40
20 years ago
the mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a dope. we were one of the leading bids for the olympics, and on a trip to Kenya for olympic stuff, he made a comment that he didn't want to go because:
a) his wife is afraid of snakes. (ok fine, yeah there's snakes there, not too bad eh?)
b)he was afraid that the locals would boil him in a big stew pot!! (what the heck???)
lol, needless to say, we lost the bid to China
20 years ago
from what i've heard and read about it, vegans do not wear any clothing derived from animals, this includes not only fur and leather, but wool as well (sure the sheep aren't killed but their lives are horribly painful and tortured)
as a vegan, i refuse to buy any animal products, but i do wear a pair of leather sandals that i got long before i went veg. see, vegans are generally environmentally-conscious as well, and don't believe in wastefulness, so it's deemed ok if the product was already purchased, the harm is done, throwing it away won't bring back the animal.
as for medicines. i am a vegan, and i also take meds for a thyroid condition, i cannot live without them. i can live without meat. as far as i know there is no animal fat in my pills, but i am going to do research to find out which brand is against animal testing and switch to it.
more insight into animal testing: i make a conscious effort to buy things that say "not tested on animals" on the label, but sometimes you have no choice. certain products are still illegal to sell without animal testing in Canada, but activists are currently trying to change these outdated and unnecessary laws. as i read in a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) magazine, pouring bleach down a rat's throat does not make it safe for us to drink.
we already know which chemicals are dangerous, there is no need for testing anymore. and research and advancing technology has allowed us to use human corpses for most testing. just not all companies have gotten with the times and switched to that method yet.
everything was tested at some point, so a lot of the companies who don't do testing simply use the research results from previous testing rather than having to do the tests themselves. i don't agree with supporting testing, but i do think that since it was already done, there's no harm in re-using that information, it saves lives of many innocent animals. usually when it's a new company boasting their cruelty-free products, they simply bought test results from other companies, which is great, but some of the older companies reuse their own research, which means they did, and maybe still do (on other products) animal testing, such as the company Procter & Gamble. they are trying to stop using animal testing, and all of their cosmetics are now cruelty free, they just don't boast it because they feel it is misleading because they have previously done animal testing on those products. (i emailed the company this is what they told me in response)
so it's really up to the individual person's opinion on what is right and wrong. no two vegans are alike, they all differ in strictness and opinions.

oh, about the comment about vegetarians being malnutritioned, that's crap. sorry, but it is. how do you think so many vegans and vegetarians live to be just as old, or older, as omnivores? and a vegan diet is much more strict and well balanced than an omnivourous one, most omnivores are more defficient in nutrients than any sensible vegan diet would allow. omnivores generally base their meals around meat, and don't get enough fruits and veggies.
i do take supplements, but not all vegans do, and they make out just fine. i do because sometimes when i work late shifts i can't get all the nutrition i need from food and i need a multivitamin (vegan, no gelatin or other animal products in my vitamins ) actually i don't even take my vitamins every day, like when i'm home all day i know i can eat properly and i don't take them, but if i'm working i take one because the food at work is not particularly healthy. i'm usually limited to salad and cheeseless pizza, which is ok for a vegan meal, but it's missing the protein i need.
20 years ago
the oxiclean guy isn't nearly as annoying as that asian fellow with that gadget that uses electrical shocks to "tone" muscles. (load of bs)
but i always get sucked into watching the one for Nad's hair remover, i've seen it like 20 times and never change the channel. i dunno why
21 years ago