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Hi all,

I have a situation wherein I have to disable/dynamically load plugins based on the selected perspective. The problem is i want to integrate a tool (lets say x) of two versions 1.0 and 2.0 in eclipse.
Both versions of tool have the same base plugins. I was able to integrate them successfully. But the problem started when selecting the perspective(X_1.0 is one perspective & x_2.0 is other).
I have some options like say Create a new use case/localize a new use case etc.. under each perspective.
When i select the perspective i am getting the above mentioned options twice..
I know eclipse by default will load all the plugins in its kitty but somehow i need to customize this.
I am using eclipse juno version and for simplicity lets assume my tool used 3 plugins(Plugins p1,p2,p3). I was able to integrate both the versions of the tool after changing the plugin ID's.

Basically when i select one of the perspective(X_1.0/X_2.0) , only those plugins(set of 3) for that particular perspective should be loaded.
Can this be achieved? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I googled and was not able to get much information in this regard.
Please suggest me how to proceed in this regard.

Thanks a lot for your time.


We are into having some problems with image in our tool perspective. The image is not getting displayed at all in our perspective.
It was working properly in our previous version of eclipse 3.5.2 - Not working in eclipse juno.
Any pointers would be really helpful in this regard.

Hi Pinkal,

Is visa sponsorship available for this position?

8 years ago
Is it possible to deploy a TAR file in websphere thorugh admin console?

8 years ago
To be frank, i am really surprised by your intention to become project manager that too with 1+ years of experience
I would like to suggest you to check the following before going forward in this

1. Why suddenly interested in project manager - that too at this point of time in your career?
2. Do you have sound technical skills combined with excellent oral & written communication skills in english?
3. How many projects have you worked till now in your career? (How many end to end implementations have you seen?)
4. Have you interacted with clients across the globe at any time?

Please make sure you have the required skills before aspiring for that particular position. I am afraid you still have a long way to go.
Typically in any Indian IT services company, career growth would be as

Fresher (0 - 1yr) --> Software Engineer (1 - 3yrs) --> Senior Software engg (3 - 5yrs) --> Tech lead (5 - 8yrs) --> Proj Manager (8 - 10yrs)

I would advice you as of now to concentrate on learning technically and after 7 or 8 years, decide for yourself whether you want to be a project manager or technical architect kind of role you want.

PS: Being a project manager is NOT AN EASY TASK as presumed by many - From my personal experience.
Sorry if i was bit blunt in my reply..

8 years ago

Does top Indian IT companies ask NSR for background verification report? I am sure the top IT companies in India use thier own third party vendors rather than relying on NSR empanelled people.I have registered in NSR one year back as my new company made it mandatory to do so.. but after that it just remains as it.. I have not even renewed it.

Just want to know.. does IT companies use the NSR data? If suppose IT companies initiate background verification using NSR, NSR will inform us before going ahead with the verification process i guess..

Can anyone please confirm on this? Especially someone from the HR team of top 5 IT companies in India can throw some light on this..

Thanks a lot..

8 years ago
What are the benefits of using Spring AOP?
Hi Dinesh,

Congrats on your offer...
I guess you need to be bit conservative in your living. Did you tried negotiating for a pay hike? Maybe you can ask for 5K MNR.

9 years ago
Hi Bennet,

Its very unfortunate that you are not able to get a job in Australia - i can understand the emotional stress you are going through now..
Are you living in Sydney/Melbourne? I guess the place you live also does have some relevance to your job search.
Since you are java guy, i hope you might have more opportunities.. Did you tried in Telstra? I was able to find some openings in their careers page. Maybe you can check them.
Also, i advise you not to lose hope. It is always difficult to get your first job in a new country and it will be a real challenge.I would for the time being to try as freelancer.
Also there are some websites which offer online java development which also pays you. I have some friends both in Sydney & Melbourne but dont know to what extent they might be able to help you..
Anyways i will definitely check with them..

Dont lose hope and try again.. You will definitely get it...

Best Wishes,
9 years ago
The class extends WebProjectWizard which inturn extends the NewProjectDataModelFacetWizard where the method createBeginingPages has been defined.
9 years ago
I am sorry, can you please be more clear - There are many JAR files we are using currently.Which one are you referring?

9 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to add a new page to an already existing wizard. I have also added some controls to that page. But the problem is the page is getting displayed BLANK and the controls are getting displayed in
the next page. I have overridden the createBeginningPages() method.It didnt work. Then tried overriding addPages() method also. Again it didnt work. I am confused..

protected IWizardPage[] createBeginingPages() {
IWizardPage[]iPages = new IWizardPage[2];
iPages[0] = createFirstPage();
iPages[1] = createSecondPage();
return iPages;

When i check in debug mode, the control is going properly as expected in creating the second page and also creating the controls in that page.But.. in the output its missing..
Can someone please help in this?

9 years ago
Congrats on your offer.. Gurucharan..
Can you please PM me through which consultant you got the job? I am myself looking for a IT career in Malaysia and i am java professional with 8+ years of experience.

Thanks for your time.

9 years ago
Hi Manjunath,

Is this position still available? Please let me know so that i will also forward my resume.

9 years ago
Hi Kim,

I have mailed my resume to the mentioned id.
9 years ago