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Recent posts by Manu Moreno

I only know Quartz because I needed one time to launch jobs as cron tasks (with similar syntax) in
a J2EE context. It was very easy to integrate the library into a full fledged J2EE application
(JSF, Hibernate,..). Sadly I didn't get the full potential of it in any way but for our purposes it was
enough, adaptable to launch jobs asynchronously from within a JSP or any technology at the view layer.

I think you must read requirements, usefulness, learning curve,etc of both projects to decide properly:

Good luck!

Hi,. maybe I didn't understand what the problem is,.

if your concern is that you need desperately build your own development/deploy environment and you're a bit
lost, could you ask directly to your mentor, software architect or whoever is responsible of your work?

if your current project is a real mess of different technologies,. I think is not your business to try to
guess the big picture from scratch,. don't you have access to some visual diagrams?,. are there any
person responsible of providing you with the C4 (*) ?,. UML?, documentation?, talk straight to your boss/bosses??,
trying to assimilate everything at the same time is probably a direct path to a big fail.

one advice before you try to read the whole internet is getting your hands on a good article or book about software
architecture, for example,. Software architecture for developers from Simon Brown recently reviewed in the Ranch:

good luck!

(*) C4 means to me the four classical diagrams to start with,. context Diagram (big picture), containers, components
and classes diagrams.

6 years ago
Another open source option for working with templates and generating pdfs (and other artifacts) is JODReports, these libraries depend on Openoffice and
provide an easy solution to generate pdfs from ODTs.