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since Aug 12, 2008
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Recent posts by raja reddy

I am using checkbox in HTML.When I am unchecking checkbox in html using

its not unchecking.

what are the values i can use for checking and unchecking checkbox.
When I am trying to checkbox using checked="yes" ,checked="true".Its working.
But I am unchecking using checked="no" ,checked="false" ,the checkbox is not unchecking.

can anybody help?
I am loading Html file into memory using java.I want to replace one attribute value in that loaded html.
I heard for this we can use java expressions.

can anybody send code for this fuctionality
15 years ago
i have a form.following is the part of that form

when the page loads first time,above code should be hiddden.When I click on "submit" button on this page,above mentioned code shoud be visible.

can anybody send javascript for this.
"display:block" css property behaving diferently in firefox and ie.
I am seeing margin and padding problem in both browsers.
how to fix this?
i gave width and height to button.but its applying to buttons in all pages.i dont want that.As per the button,its size has to be adjusted and all buttons in all pages should look same in IE and Firefox.
What i need to change in CSS.

I am using following css code for button

[ October 24, 2008: Message edited by: rajaraja reddy ]
I want to display same button size in IE and FireFox.What i need to change in css.
I want make my application pages font size same in IE and FireFox using CSS.
I want to maintain same font size in IE and firefox for my application.For my application font size looking too big in firefox than in IE.
Can anybody provide best solution for this.
i want to have same look and feel(for both IE/firefox) for text boxes on form .
i have java application.i want to make UI compatible to both internet explorer and firefox.what i need to change(javascript or css).if those are css and java script then tell me some pointers where i need to change.
i have a form in java application.i want to get the the data(like street,pincode,state ect) from that form and i need to validate the form data with "Pitney Bowes Group 1 address validation Software".
how to integrate "Pitney Bowes Group 1 address validation Software" with java application.
15 years ago
I dont want overloading definition.I need reason other than that.Please help?
15 years ago
thanks for your reply.if you dont mind,can you please elaborate it.
15 years ago