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Recent posts by Sylvester Saloon

Has anyone tried "K Developer" ide from linux? I just loaded it to my pc -- but have not tried it out yet.
Would you have any suggestions of a good java ide for linux? (aside from IBM and Borland)
About Prohibition of Discrimination etc.
Need to send some copies of these to HR or anyone in charge of hiring, managing, firing, etc.
18 years ago
I am a programmer. I don't work for a dot-com.
AND, I use Java when i write code.
When we put out an ad for programmers we almost always say C/C++, Java -- but when the real work begins ...
...and deadlines are set ...
...everyone uses Java.
I love C, but hey when its crunch time -- i'll go with Java.
ps. no one uses VB either -- at least not in our company.
18 years ago
Some ads are a bit disturbing:
One ad read: "looking for young, attractive, female software
account executives"
A thought crossed my mind: 'with big booties?'
18 years ago
Guys did it occur to you that the proprietors may be the same people sponsoring the job ads.
Could Tomcat be the real leader?
Talk about amusing job ads: I saw one that required 3 years experience in C#, 5 years in jsp, and also another 5 years of J2ee exposure.
18 years ago
Some companies will not spend for a new IDE, much less a new enterprise edition IDE. Other companies, have an IDE but will not upgrade at the moment.
In all my job interviews, I don't remember being asked what IDE I use.
Personally, in the last six months, I have been using notepad and JCreator. I enjoy the interior freedom of not being tied down to a non-free commercial ide. Although, if my company is willing to spend for an enterprise grade IDE -- I would vote for VAJ or Websphere. (That upgrade will not happen in my lifetime).

18 years ago
I have a background in engineering (not CS) -- and well, the engineering population in our university somehow considered the CS people intellectually less endowed. CS pumpkins(as they were fondly called) had less math, less physics, less chemistry ...; but the pumpkins actually enrolled in no-brainer courses like BASIC and COBOL -- which at that time looked like typing 101.
Now in the corporate world, I have met too many a CS graduate. Some are intelligent, while others can't even seem to grasp basic algebra(although not from our univ.) -- much less data struc and algorithms. A few can code, but others just don't seem to have what it takes to be a good developer. Many claim they know OOAD, but their classes look like bloated bullfrogs and their logic like baked lasagna.
The reality is CS people like Mark, Jason, and John, etc. are 1 in a million.
Sylver S.
MENSA my ass
18 years ago
We have JBuilder at the office -- but I don't use it. Between JBuilder and notepad -- i'd probably choose notepad.
My tools are Visual Age and JCreator. I have downloaded the Websphere ide -- but I still have to find time to play with it. I just hope IBM does not make it look like JBuilder.
Has anyone tried the beta version Websphere studio application developer -- ie that which will replace Visual Age?
And also, any comments on the beta version that will replace websphere studio -- i.e. for building gui/jsp etc.
18 years ago
My apologies to Blazix. I did read your documentation carefully this weekend.
My fault was: I kinda forgot to stop and restart the webserver...And, i kinda forgot to put public on my "hello world" test servlet. Stupid of me.
I love Blazix!!! It's light, fast, and easy to use.
18 years ago
I'm a programmer by profession and the best free IDE I have used is JCreatorLE. I don't build swing/gui type applications, so I have no pressing need for drag and drop beans.
Among the non-free IDE, I prefer IBM's Visual Age for Java Enterprise Edition. Comes with WTE, drag and drop beans, no-brainer wizards, code completion etc. Learning curve on VAJ though is a lot longer than JCreator.
HTML file is easily found. I just put them on webfiles foler and the file is found be the browser.
But, my problem is how in the world do I get the SERVLET working in this blasted Blazix web server. I've compiled my servlets and placed the class files in the class folder. I've typed in the servlet name and the url in the web.ini file. What did I miss? Is there some mystical code that i failed to type? And for the life of me, if anyone from Blazix is reading this -- it would reallly help if you can put out more documentation on running a servlet on your server.
18 years ago
Hello Scott
I'm new to free IDE. How does jEdit compare with something like jCreator?