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Recent posts by Jackie Gleason

Hey everyone,

So I can logon to localhost:8080/manager/html remotely using a user I created in the tomcat-users.xml file. However, I cannot deploy an application, If I try I get a 403.

Any ideas?
13 years ago
So I am having a little trouble just trying to access the javax.jms classes, so this should be a fairly easy one.

I copied J2EE.jar into my jdk/jre/lib folder, however, elcipse doesn't seem to pick up the changes. Restarted eclipse and still nothing, intellisense won't pick up the Java.jms package and I cannot use the connection objects

What am I doing wrong?


Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:

As far as I know the function he gives you here does not exist(at least not according to the Java API) There is a removeAll function in the List class but it removes all the items in the list

void removeActionListener(ActionListener l)
Removes the specified action listener so that it no longer receives action events from this list.
void removeAll()
Removes all items from this list.
void removeItemListener(ItemListener l)
Removes the specified item listener so that it no longer receives item events from this list.

Update: Ok so now I am baffled I tried this and it DID work. I am not sure why considering according to the 1.6 doc there is not a function. Anyone have an explination for this? Am I looking at an old API or something?

[ October 27, 2008: Message edited by: Jackie Gleason ]
15 years ago
As far as I know you would have to iterate through set a and remove all instances of set b
List<String> a = new ArrayList<String>();
List<String> b = new ArrayList<String>();
for(String bs:b){
for(String as:a){

This would only print out Hello
[ October 27, 2008: Message edited by: Jackie Gleason ]
15 years ago
I will venture a guess....

I believe it is saying an Object's Instance Variables can be changed at run-time. This means that when an object is created a new copy of the variable is created....

Think of it like this Instance variables are different for each instance of the class(object) while static variable values are shared throughout all instances of the object.

The only type of variables that cannot be "changed" at runtime are final variables.

Does that help?
15 years ago
Hey everyone,

Sorry I am a little new to axis, but I am struggling with what is/how to use a WSDD file. So at the shop I work at we have a web service that is ran on Peoplesoft. Apparently in order to interact with said web service a WSDD file have to be used to allow for authentication. I have access to a LOCAL copy of both the WSDL and WSDD files. I have looked through many forums, and the Apache docs, but I can't seem to put together what is going on here, anyone think they are able to help?

Here is a similar WSDD file
<deployment xmlns="http://xml.apache.org/axis/wsdd/" xmlns:java="http://xml.apache.org/axis/wsdd/providers/java">
<transport name="http" pivot="java rg.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender"/>
<globalConfiguration >
<requestFlow >
<handler type="java rg.apache.ws.axis.security.WSDoAllSender" >
<parameter name="action" value="UsernameToken"/>
<parameter name="user" value="userName"/>
<parameter name="passwordCallbackClass" value="org.portal.security.wsse.RMSPasswordCallback"/>
<parameter name="passwordType" value="PasswordText"/>
<parameter name="mustUnderstand" value="0" />
<parameter name="wsse_ns" value="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2002/07/secext" />
</requestFlow >
</globalConfiguration >
15 years ago
Hey everyone I have heard great things about you from people I work with. So here is what I am trying to do and any insight would be great.

I have a site I would like to add the ability to start a song, stop, PAUSE, and skip forward to a new song. I would like the next song to be played to be random from a list of files, and I would like to do all of this without the help of flash.

Here is what i am thinking...

Have a web service that sends a buffered stream as a response, then consume somehow consume the service in the browser. Maybe send another request to pause/continue the stream. so...

1.) I have never done anything with sending a stream through a web service before, however, I would think it would be just like sending a normal response is this correct?
2.) How would I consume the stream in my browser using Javascript?

Any ideas? I am thinking I am going to be stuck using flash, however, I would love to avoid it.
15 years ago