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since Aug 18, 2008
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Recent posts by Ravaj seth

No, not at method signature level. The sequence diagram was only depicting the sequence flow of the activity irrespective of the class methods.
15 years ago
Glad to inform you that i have cleared scea 5 certification
15 years ago

Since I have failed will I get details of the score any how fromSUN?

Can any one clarify?
how can i retake scea5 whould i have to do part 2 & part 3 again or only part 2 or only part 3

please help, I think based on my score i failed by 5 marksby i don't know where.

Its very strange that there are not details of the score.

today i got my result on certmanager it shows following

grade F
score 107

whats this can anybody clarify?

i think grade 'F' means Fail but the score is 107 whats that?

whats is the passing score.
given my essay exam on 3rd jan after submitting assignment on 29th dec
How much time it takes to get the result fo SCEA5 Part - 2/3
Harry, congrats.

when you submitted your assignment and when your took your essay exams
15 years ago
Scott Soo, thanks for the repply.
I submitted the assignment and gave the Part 3.

Cert Manager is showing the only following

Test Name Date Taken Grade Score

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE 5, Part 3 (310-062) Jan 3 2009 T 0

There is no mention of Part 2 (assignment) Is this the normal? or part 2 status should also be there?

I had uploaded my Part 2 assigment and have given part 3 essay exam as well.

My concern is that the cert manager is showing the status of my Part 3 (310-062) as 'T' however Part 2 is still not appearing on the cert manger even though I have successfully uploaded part 2.

Does this means that my Part2 is not uploaded ?

Please can any one clarify my doubt

thanks in advance
Is there any size limit on the assignment to be uploaded for SCEA5 Part II?

I want to submit my SCEA Part II assignment, Can any ony help me out reg. foll.

Is there are anytime lines for taking up Part 3 after submitting Part 2 assignment?

response appreciated.
Can you please mention the steps how you added actor in sequence diagram

I am using StarUML version