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Ganesh Bhambure

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Recent posts by Ganesh Bhambure

When you change an indexing mapping (say a property or an entity), in 99% of the case you will change some code to build a better query or a different use case. So you will recompile.

Yes, agree with Emmanuel

Now the question is more, what do you have against annotations?

Actually I am not against annotations.
But Thought that Hibernate Search required hibernate annotation compulsory.

But As Emmanuel posted :

you can still use hbm.xml mappings and use annotations for Hibernate Search metadata.

It clears my query.


- Ganesh
[ December 11, 2008: Message edited by: Ganesh Bhambure ]
Can we implement Hibernate Search without using annotation ?
or it is compulsory ?

Since "seeing is believing" I hope that this clarifies my point about "there is no difference"

Hi Dierk ,

This is very nice demo which clears Java/Groovy interaction .
I think it will clear most of doubts of new learner.

13 years ago
Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply. your links are very useful for me
13 years ago

Originally posted by Dierk K´┐Żnig:
With Groovy, you can write Swing apps very easily.
For that, you don't have to install any additional module.
Everything is included.


What are the benefits if I use groovy for GUI ?

And is there any special facility in groovy for layout for different GUI component ? Because layout is always headache for GUI developer ?
13 years ago
Does Groovy supports any module for GUI of stand alone appliction like awt or Swing ?
How do we campare with java Swing ?
13 years ago
Same is the question for Seam .

Does seam provide support to JMS Integration in it ?

Originally posted by Adeel Ansari:
Here is your best bet, Seam Bijection - Concept.

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for your pointer.
That link is gives me exact what I want to know about Seam .
Does Seam IOC container is same as Spring ?
Does bean based dependecies injections are available in Seam ?
Hi Dan,

Inversion of control is a great feature.that makes application really strong.
Does Seam having IOC included in it.

Any Link..
Hi Robert,
thanks for replying.
I got the significance of small method to make code clean.

See Keith Braithwaite's remarkable study on this:

But this ,article is too hard to understand for me.
Hi Ilja,

When I see methods that are fifteen lines or longer, the lines are almost invariably already clustered into groups - either by indentation, or by empty lines between them, perhaps even line comments.

Yes , thats true.
So if long method having such group or cluster it is better to divide them into separate method. Now I get the point . Totally agree with you.

Thank You

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:
In my opinion, the typical method should be much smaller than 15 lines. I like one to five lines. Of course there are some that simply are bigger, not because they are complex, but because they have a big, simple switch statement or something similar.

Hi All,
But I think is it not possible to have each method of 5 lines.
Since each methods having its own significance so group related statement must be in same method so it is not acceptable to restrict method to 5-15 lines, for every cast.
Also while dividing methods into sub method we have consider cost of calling many method.
What do you think.
[ September 25, 2008: Message edited by: Ganesh Bhambure ]
hi Alaa,
thanks for replying and for useful link.

maximum of 15 lines of code per method.

But, is it Ok to create new method after every 15 line.

what do you think ?