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Recent posts by vipin jain

I want to send e-mails to new user registered on my website. I want 100% mail delivery, i don't have control over my smtp server. Right now my program is directly sending message to smtp server but if that smtp server is down then my application wil not able to send mail. What i now want is My application will feed all mails as messages to a JMS Active mq queue then jms forward all those messages to my mail server if it is up otherwise it will store my messages until my smtp server ups.
And how we check smtp server is down so we can put mail in active mq.

Hi All,
I am making one project with spring mvc and using java mail.
Now my client need to use Active mq.
Can any one please help me how to integrate Active mq with spring mvc+javamail[JavaMailSenderImpl].
And what is advantage of ActiveMq.

Does anyone know how I can change security settings to allow javascript to open html on my local harddrive?
hi Ulf Dittmer

thanks for replay .....i am using file protocol ,but not getting any success........
please if you have any working code link please send me............
14 years ago

how can i open local machine file (c:\\test.xls) in

Any help would be appreciated.....
14 years ago
how we get HSSFWorkbook from fileoutputstream .
please any one reply it's urgent.
hi all,

anyone please explaine me how i can create editable matrix grid in extjs?
please any one reply it's urgent.....
14 years ago
hi i got the solution of this problem....
it's require to setting
properties of project->
Project Facets->
click on modify profile button->open new window select drop down java new version
click on finish [down]

it's reference for other people
Hi i know it Apach POI is more better java Excel API on my little knowledege.
Can any one explain more detail Why apach POI more better ?
Actually all major difference represent by practical view since i have to give practical demo which prove that apach poi is more better ..
just like apach poi provide resize excel functionality but jexcel APi not...
14 years ago
hi i am getting Project facet Java version 6.0 is not supported error.
i have done all require change to set jdk1.5 but still i am getting same problem.
can any one tell me perfect solution of this problem....

how we can create xls file in java and write resultset data inside in tabular form as well as image?
please any one reply as soon as possible.
is it possible by using jexcle api if yes please send me url where we can download ..
hi Ulf Dittmer ,

Thanks for reply.......
can you please tell me which java library is using for that and if you have that jar please send me.
your every help would be appreciated.
hi ,
thanks for reply but i alsio want to add image inside csv file.....
how we can create csv file in java and write resultset data inside in tabular form as well as image?
please any one reply as soon as possible.