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Recent posts by P Lokesh

1. What are the three types distinct features available with WebSphere Application Server that are not available with other application servers?
2. How will you find the hard disk space occupied by a installed component during its idle & run time?
3. What are the two distinct features of Work Load management?
4. What is the latest version of DB2 and which version of DB2 supports WebSphere Application Server more?
5. What is the latest version of WebSphere Application Server MQ? its distinct features?
6. What are the ways to start the deployment manager?(there are seven different ways? wht are they?)
7. Why should we choose WebSphere Application Server then any other Application servers?
8. What are the two basic steps that admin have to do after deploying the application & before running the applicaiton?

thanks in advance..

with regards
13 years ago
hi Jeanne Boyarsky,

Thanks for your reply..
I'll go through that documents..

I have done some installations like WebSphere Application Server,
DB2 installation, IBMIHS server , WebSphere Application Server Network deployment ..and did security setting for localOS, custom.. I did not do LDAP ..and also SSL . I was worked on Linux system.
do you have any documents like step by step procedure for LDAP and SSL .
and on silent installation .

thanks in advance...

with regards,
13 years ago
hai all,

I was learning WebSphere application Server . I was confuse with some of the terms like

1) What exactly WebSphere application Server means what it do... what is its purpose ? how can we define WebSphere application Server.
2) what is the difference between Express , Base, ND..?
3) what meant by profile? why it is needed?
4) what is httpd.conf, plugin-cfg.xml file ? what they purpose?
5) what is Node? why it is needed?
6) horizontal clustering and vertical clustering difference?
7) SSL setting procedure?

can any one clear my doubt ...
and one more favour can any one send it to my mail id UseTheForumNotEmail

thanks in advance

[ August 25, 2008: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
13 years ago