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Recent posts by Karnati Sudhakar

I am new to U.S. and quite surprised with the temperature in Boston,MA.

Temp is 38C(100F).. I almost feel like hyderabad only..But in the evening till 8PM it is sunny only, which is strange.

For 38C weather.com says "Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited."

12 years ago

Kaustubh G Sharma wrote:There's an interesting post by mark zuckerberg's facebook profile... which says... That he himself started killing birds and animals for his food and day after day he is eating less non-veg stuff and finally turns to vegetarian. The fact is very interesting, he says- that you must know and understand that, for your food someone is sacrificing and after someday this stop me for killing birds and animals... So don't go for market stuff...Hunt for your food... and you'll feel some of the pain that being is going through and if you don't feel so than ...Enjoy your food BTW

Nice one dude..

Kaustubh G Sharma wrote:Well IMHO Karnati love need sacrifice and you're doing a big one.. Hope if you told this to your fiancee, may be she'll understand your love for non-veg food and allow you for it..Congratulations for new life and All the best

Ya, I told her and since then she was giving me so much respect
12 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:And she doesn't want you to eat meat either? Not even when you're hanging out with other people?

As per our religious we are not supposed to eat meat...but somehow i developed this habit of meat and now i want to quit..
12 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Why did you become a vegetarian?

The girl i am going to marry is a vegetarian
12 years ago
I quit Non-Veg from Jan 1st,2011 and its been six months by yesterday.

The nice thing about it is "Now i can say i am a vegetarian from last six months" but there are some tough situations i faced:

1) In my house every sunday, except me, everyone eats Non-Veg and it is very difficult for me to control my feelings towards Non-Veg.On Sundays i prepare Veg biryani or Noodles to satisfy myself that i am eating some thing special

2) Every week i hangout with my school mates,leaving me, everyone is a alcoholic,before quitting Non-Veg i used to eat much of the Chicken they would..but these days i am just sitting with them and having only fryums or kind of..

Almost every other day face situations like this..Where i feel like i was the only vegetarian on this earth

If this is the case in India..I just want to know the experiences of converted Vegetarians..
12 years ago

Kaustubh G Sharma wrote:if you want soft chapatis my friend .. you must get married soon to an indian girl... let me tell you it's a big risk... don't try this at home or do it in your parental presence...

If i get married i will have to prepare chapathis by myself.. But the thing is i want to eat soft chapathis..dont want to make

However I need to start sightseeing(interviewing gals)
13 years ago
I think i just found the secret

The Aashirvad,Pilsbury these brands mix some of the white flour which makes the chapathis little papad. I just got the loose wheat flour from a local store and it is very smooth and soft..Love it
13 years ago
If you want to do M.TECH in Computer Science then you will have to appear for GATE in Computer Science paper. A bit tough considering that you are from non-computers background but it is achievable.

Good Luck
13 years ago

Deepak Bala wrote:
And you do not want to make the chapati (an Indian bread) yourself because ?

I am very bad at cooking..Even if i try that outcome will be something weird[not-eatable]. However i need to learn

I can make ACT II pop corn very well
13 years ago
Does any one know how to make chapatis softer?

I have been asking my mom to prepare soft chapatis but she says "I am trying the best". I have explained the steps mentioned in this link : http://indianfood.about.com/od/breadrecipes/ig/How-to-Make-Chapatis/ but does not seem very useful.

North indians make chapatis very soft, I like them

Any suggestions?
13 years ago
I am looking for movies which fall in the category as the below movies

Hills have eyes
The last house on the left
Funny Games
Drag me to Hell
The Ruins
Texas chainsaw massacre
Wrong turn

Any suggestions?
13 years ago

Prasad Krishnegowda wrote:

Karnati Sudhakar wrote:Guys,
The issue is for dispatcher servlet url mapping should not be *.jsp..
I don't know why?

This is because, your view also is a JSP, so when the view is rendered it maps to some .jsp page, and the controller again will route it to spring dispatcher servlet... This results in JSP pages not been rendered..
Anyway, glad that it is working now..

Thanks buddy..seems like these kind of concepts can be learn only through experience..

Thanks for your time.
13 years ago

This question has been resolved..Please follow this link for the answer link

The issue is for dispatcher servlet url mapping should not be *.jsp..

I don't know why?
13 years ago

Prasad Krishnegowda wrote:First, there is no need for you to initialize spitter-servlet.xml using context-param in web.xml, spring libraries will do it for you..

Prasad thanks for your reply..

I commented the following code in web.xml

and i am getting the below error:

I think the above line is necessary as i don't have root level context..i just have dispatcher servlet context.

exception is java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not open ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml]

Prasad Krishnegowda wrote:Try, mapping *.htm requests to springs dispatcher servlet, instead of *.jsp..

Same error..

Any other suggestions guys..

EDITED: Prasad, I did not do it correctly, what you said is correct and it is working now..Thanks for reply
13 years ago



I am giving the url as http://localhost:8080/SpringMvcExample/home.jsp

and the error is resource not found...In tomcat log i found that showHomePage is invoked..SOP from showHomePage is logged..

whats wrong here?

Please help me..

Thanks in advance..

P.S.: Same posted on stackexchange.com link
13 years ago