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since Aug 26, 2008
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Recent posts by Sumithra Jagarlamudi

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your valuable guidance. I will start preparing EJB 3 in Action


Iam novice to EJB related stuff, I even donot have any work experience regarding java in real time.
Iam planning to write SCBCD exam, so started reading EJB 3 in Action but iam unable to follow the concepts.
Can some body please guide me which book / material is suited for beginer like me,
first i would like to learn basic concepts thouroughly so that i can follow all the materials specified in the forums.

Hi Vivek,

Upgrade exam for SCBCD 5 for any previous version of SCBCD is available and it is CX-310-092.
For Syllabus comparison and topics visit this sun link
You will get all the details required for the certification regarding syllabus and topics.
iam not sure about the difference in exam questions because iam also preparing for 310-091 now.

Hope this information helps you.

Hi Guys,

I have recently taken my SCWCD 5.0 exam and passed with 94%.
iam planning to take SCBCD 3.0. Can any body please share the HF EJB 3.0 pdf download links.

Thanks in Advance,
SCJP 5.0 93%
Hi Guys,

I have cleared SCJP 1.5 with 93% score. Now iam starting preparation to clear SCWCD 1.5.

Are there any editions for Head first Servlets & Jsps. I have downloaded
one book from Net. But iam not sure whether it is correct one or not?
14 chapters are there in that book.

Please suugest.

Can any body send download links for SCWCD Exam Study Kit By Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia

Thanks in Advance,
15 years ago