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Recent posts by James Tharakan

i tried Norton and Avast both could not fix the issue.
I checked the System Configurations(msconfig), found that in Startup tab there were two process without any name or manufacturer. Unchecked those two process and restarted the machine.
Now it looks like the CPU usage is looking alright.
Let me know if this is not a good approach.
Thanks for your suggestion guys
10 years ago
Is there any other option other than reinstalling the OS
10 years ago
I noticed that the CPU usage in my system goes upto 100% and after of couple mintues the system shuts down. I tried couple of anti-virus but could get rid of the malware/virus.
I see that the System Idle process shows 80-90% but at the same time the CPU usage is 100% .

I have NOT changed the size of the RAM that i am using.
Any fix that you guys are aware of?
10 years ago
I am getting issues like no free memory
I am trying to find how to and from where can i delete the contents from the tmpfs
I tried restarting the machine which did not help.

df -kh
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 39G 20G 17G 55% /
/dev/sda3 186G 175G 1.4G 100% /rhel5pdi
tmpfs 755M 0 755M 0% /dev/shm

11 years ago
I send a String parameter to the print(), this string is provided to me by a service call.
Which is actually the symbol
11 years ago
i have a costomTag created which should print the Euro symbol. but for some reason its not able to display it.
i have used getJspContext().getOut().print() method

It is able to print the pound symbol.
any suggestion ?
11 years ago

Kathy Sierra 6 .SCJP book . In Page 618 of the book that i have wrote:
public void addAnimal(List<? extends Animal> animals)

By saying <? extends Animal>, we're saying, "I can be assigned a collection
that is a subtype of List and typed for <Animal> or anything that extends Animal.
And oh yes, I SWEAR that I will not ADD anything into the collection."

statement 1 says, 'a' is a list that take any type of objects.
statement 2 says, 'b' is a list that take any type of objects.
basically i think , the declarations:

is exactly same.

statement 3 says, List 'c' can take any object that is a sub type of object class . But it does not take a list of Objects.
so when you do : c=a, the compiler is says you might have a list of Objects in 'a' and you are assigning it to 'c' which does not take list of Objects

Hope i am right , correct me if not.

As i understand , the Object aa defined in the method is created in the heap memory and the reference of it is stored in the stack memory. Why is it created in the heap memory and why it is not created in the stack memory itself. Because, as the method returns the reference will removed , which makes the object ready for GCed. So i was thinking why not it be created in the stack memory at the first place.

And where are the object 'a' and its reference created? stack or heap.
Basically what is the logic that defines that the particular object should be defined in the stack or heap ?
Thank you for the detailed explanation.
I should look for some other logic in that dependent class.

I am getting the below error for the line 8.
And i am not able to get to a solution .

No enclosing instance of type one is accessible to invoke the super constructor. Must define a constructor and explicitly qualify its super constructor invocation with an instance of one (e.g. x.super() where x is an instance of one).

i tried this..

Can it be done in any other way.... because i have problem in some other class(dependency ) with this method.
Any guidance.. thanks

For a obvious reasons i have error error at line 23...
How can i overcome that?
hope i did not mess up the question
Do anyone know the difference between the methods andReturn and andstubReturn in EasyMocks
Could you give an example for them?
12 years ago

Jesper Young wrote:To solve this problem, you need some kind of persistent store, whether it's a database, a file system or something else.

Thanks for this strong statement that would never make me think of another alternative which having a way to store (DB or file system)
12 years ago
I am much worried about the situation wherein the machine in which the app is deployed crashes. In that case the serialized objects will also be lost.
(Please keep in mind that i dont have the a DB to store the data)
12 years ago