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since Aug 29, 2008
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Recent posts by dewesh kumar

We have urgent requirement for freelance corporate trainers on various JAVA Technologies. Immediate requirement for trainers on JBoss.. Experienced trainers on JBoss please contact me urgently at
We operate throughout the country.
12 years ago
Hello Mr Cooper...
Congratulations for your new book..

I'm a new kid in the block..I have basic knowledge of C/C++ and I'm learning Java technology now..
Through all my learning experience I see that a new concept or technology is expected to better the old ones..
As in the case of C giving way to C++ and JAVA..
I'm curious about how Ruby will improvise on JAVA and .NET technology??
Please help me to understand its advantage over contemprory technologies..
I also am amused by the fact that Java and Ruby were developed around the same time(early 90s)..
Please help me understand the difference between the role of JAVA and RUBY...

Thank You.
13 years ago
Hi, I read here in one of the forum that SCJP for JAVA 5 would be dead after 28th Nov. Is it true?

I'm preparing for JAVA 5 and plan to take the exam after Jan 15th..
Please give me the required information n guide me through this..
hello people

please help me choose mock test....
should i go for uCertify or for Whizlabs??

if there's any better than these two please suggest ..
thanks everyone

i got the scjp vouchers for 5k...
thnks for the info