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Recent posts by prasanthh reddy

Hi All,

my code is as follows

<s:form action="addUser" method="get">

<s:optiontransferselect name="user.roles" list="user.roles" listKey="id" listValue="name" doubleName="roleList" doubleList="roleList" doubleListKey="id" doubleListValue="name" allowAddAllToLeft="false" allowAddAllToRight="false" allowAddToLeft="true" allowAddToRight="true" allowSelectAll="false" allowUpDownOnLeft="false" allowUpDownOnRight="false"
buttonCssClass="ButtonSmall" >


<s:submit type="button" value="%{'add'}">


When form submitted items from the list are not autoselected on submit.

How can I get both the lists to my action class Please let me know....

13 years ago
Hi All,

How to validate the combobox in struts 2 using validation.xml.
13 years ago
Hi All,

I am using struts 2.0.11 jar and in my jsp I am using expression language for printing a variable as given below

<s:text name="<%=person.getPersonName()%>"/>

While using the above thin am getting an error as below

According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute name does not accept any expressions

Is there any solution to solve this

Thank you
13 years ago
sorry devid I have asked the wrong question what you said is correct I got the value in jsp
thank you
13 years ago
Hi all

I am migrating my code to struts 2 .I am getting problem with bean:define tag

in struts 2 i have use the the <s:set> teg for that but i am unable to get the value in my action class
the code snippet is a s follows
In struts 1
<bean:define id="itemId" name="groupAdminEditForm" property="itemId" type="java.lang.Integer"/>
In struts 2
<s:set name="itemId" value="%{itemId}" />

In action class
public void setItemId(int itemId){ this.itemId = itemId; }
public int getItemId(){ return itemId; }

if i say <s:property name="itemId"/> I am getting the value in jsp but I am not able to get that value in action class

am I doing some thing wrong

13 years ago
Hey all

I recently decided to evaluate Struts2 for a big project, but am having difficulties mapping actions. I get the "There is no Action mapped fro action name Login..." error when I try running the blank struts2 application.

Here's my grmnt.xml

<package name="model" namespace="model" extends="struts-default">

<action name="Login" class="com.bubbleclip.model.Login">


My directory tree looks like the following:
application/src/ grmnt.xml
application/web/jsp/index.jsp (<a href="<s:url action="Login"/>" target="mainFrame">Login</a>)
13 years ago
Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. I have a bit confusion with I18N , With this concept we can change the labels, error messages in the regional language but is it possible to give the input date in the text field or combobox in the regional laguage.Is so please help me with some information.

Thank You
13 years ago

How can We achive the following thing using struts 2 or java
All the input components (input box, lists, combo box etc) has to support the data input in multiple languages and are customizable to accept the input for selected language
13 years ago