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yes your understanding is 100% right....
transaction will start when we call begin() method of EntityTransaction class....you can get the reference of EntityTransaction by calling em.getTransaction() method...if you want that em will join the transaction that you have created then you have to call em.joinTransaction().....


In the @Table annotation can you please use the schema attribute explicitly..

I mean in person use


In Address use


Default value of schema is "" so may be it is creating the problem..
your persistence.xml file should be inside the META-INF directory which is present inside a jar file...

Now you can place this jar file in following locations....

1. WEB-INF/lib directory...
2. root of .ear file
3. root of ejb-jar file ... - preferable

Please let me know where you have placed your jar file...

Himanshu Chitranshi
In //Zamowienia.java try with this...
public Long getId(){
return this.id;
public void setId(Long id){

Please tell me if you get the same exception.....
i think the user id and password which you are using in obtaining the connection with database do not have sufficient permission.

Use the same user and password and login to oracle and fire any update or insert query..check whether you are getting the same ORA error message....