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Daniele Zuco wrote:But, do you have studied all the pages of the two books you have indicated (Mark Cade's book and
Could you indicate me what chapters have you studied?

From Cade's book, I did not see any question on UML and protocol.
There were some very high level question about security (I think if you read summary at the end of security chapter, you will be

14 years ago
Thanks Ranchers,

I passed SCEA 1 with 76%

I spend almost 3 weeks studying (mostly on the week end)

I used Mark Cade's book and

I spent a lot of time studying EJB JPA JSF WS in great detail, but it was kind of useless, the test does not quiz you on detailed knowledge on those subjects. I think I would have received same points if I had studied Cade's book for 2 weeks, spend one day readying about EJB JPA JSF WS, and spend 3 days doing test practice.

Almost all the questions are scenario based questions, and detailed knowledge about EJB JPA JSF WS was not required (was useless). Learning how to analyze questions .... is very important.

I might take SCEA 5 part 1 exam again after the new book from Mark cade is available.

I will start preparing for part 2 and 3.
Is part 3 graded, or is it just used to verify that you have done the assignment yourself.

Happy holidays
14 years ago

Do you have any advise for some taking the exam in few weeks? How much did you score, what resources did you use, and did you get lot of questions relating to EJB?

Thanks Lu,

I though there would atleast be some question relating to UML on design pattern (for example, naming the design pattern by looking at UML diagram).
I just spent a whole day studying UML (chapter 3, documenting architecture),
Looks like, I don't need it for Part 1 of the exam as it is not listed in objective. Was there any question about UML?
Does part 1 of the exam test on UML? It is not listed on objectives (SCEA 5)


Do you feel Mastering Enterprise Javabeans 3.0 book helped you at all?
14 years ago
I think
Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide
by Mark Cade is coming out in April 2009.

is the best site for design pattern if you are using Sun Certified Enterprise using Architecture for J2EE Technology Study Guide by Mark Cade book.

examples are in c# but it is easy to follow.

The website uses the same diagram as the Mark Cade book and gives a brief description about the participants involved in the pattern.
I saw question breakdown by subject for the old exam and I wanted to know if anything had changed.

thanks for you comment.
bunch of silly people giving blind review.
I need you need to use it since this is a Sun's certification
Does any one know approximate number questions you can expect from each subject below. (for SCEA 5)

This would be very helpful to prioritize study time.

Common Architectures
Legacy Connectivity
EJB container Model
Applicability of J2EE
Design Patterns

You should not worry too much about the syntax, but you should have good understanding about the 2 technology.