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Recent posts by K West

Yes, its the new window that was opened by the website upon clicking the link of document.

You should be able to use Declarative Security.

I don't want it to be role based. Only requirement is that the user should be logged in to view the document.

Thank you.
11 years ago
I am using Servlet filter to secure help documents in the site.
If the session is expired or user enters the document URL directly into browser, it redirects user to log in page.


Filter Servlet : DocumentAuthenticationFilter

This works great in all browsers. If session is expired user is redirected to log in page else document is opened in the new window of browser.

But in IE 8 the session is not found in the newly opened browser window and the filter redirects the user to log in page, as well as session in the parent page is also lost after that.

Has anyone come across this? Any suggestions?

Thank you.
11 years ago
I am not disputing on this and maybe the solution given by you is the most appropriate one.

I tried this example out of curiosity. And the background of option is colored. How does it work?
First, as Eric said you have to get rid of while loop. It will not help.
Second, as Lester said you have to bring to use the link.

Its simple, once you accept the value in input box, check the value. If its null, exit and calculate the number of occurrence else call the same function again to accept more inputs.
The request.getParameter() method doesn't work with enctype="multipart/form-data"
It requires help of upload library to do this. You may refer to this link for more details.
11 years ago

Sridhar Santhanakrishnan wrote:I am a ManU fan.

All the way
11 years ago
Try (".myTable").tablesorter(); on class instead of table id.
It worked in my case.
I have used this editor [http://ckeditor.com/demo] and it has preview button with other features.
Show the innerHTML of the rich text editor in desired location.
This is because of cache. Use a random parameter in URL. Best thing would be passing current date, time as additional URL parameter.
What is check in the function onChangeWrapper?