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Recent posts by Pawan Arora

But I'm sending request from JSP page to servlets, which has extended HttpServlet class, so how that request couldn't be on http protocol?
Hi, if I set async to false with post request in $.ajax(options) method, I can get the output as "HELLO" in alert dialog box. otherwise I'm getting the status code as "0" with no data in response. May I know why?
I'm alreay using it, and I'm not getting any error, but alert box still displaying blank output.
Hi, I don't know the reason of getting blank data in alert box, whenever I do the post request to servlets from jquery after clicking login button.

Here's the code which's making me bugged:

the request is passing to servlets(which is mapped to URL), and in doPost method in servlets I'm just doing:

May I know what's the reason of getting an error in above code, and how can I sort this problem out?
You first have to start James. To start running it, you first have to click on run batch file in the bin directory in james home directory.
It's working fine by calling Tag's body with the value 'scriptless' too. There was actually a problem in deployment. I should have been more specific in specify my problem reason. Anyway, Thanks for your time.

I really don't understand question 22 of Head First book of chapter 10. The question is:

A web application includes many forms for users to fill out and submit. Nothing in the pages indicates that a field is required. Business decided that a red asterisk shoubl be place preceding the text labels of required fields but the project manager is contending that the background color of required fields be light blue and another department is demanding that the project's application be consistent with their own, where the text of the labels be bold for required fields.

A. <cust:requiredIcon/> First Name: <input type="text" name="firstName" />

B. <cust:textField label="First Name " required="true"/>

C. <cust:requiredField color="red" symbol="*" label="First Name" />

D. <cust:required> First Name: <input type="text" name="firstName "/>

I really don't get it, why the option B is correct, not A, C, and D?
I just changed the value of <body-content> element in TLD to JSP, and now it's working fine.

I repeatedly getting the above exception whenever I try to run the body of custom tags by using classic tag handler.

The code of JSP file is:

The code of TLD file is:

the code of Classic tag handler is:

and the exception, which I'm getting is:

I'm calling a JSP page directly from the request, instead of request it from the servlet. I've not configured web.xml file. What's wrong I'm doing?


could someone clarify what does library dependences mean in the META-INF.MF file in WAR file?
You can call servlet with any virtual name by simply changing your url pattern value in DD as *.do
It is invoked as a default page, when the request to specific resource in server is not made complete by the user. You have to configure your DD to specify specific file for specific directory in a server.