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Abhi vijay

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Recent posts by Abhi vijay

I have completed SCJP last month and now planning to give SCWCD. I have no prior knowledge of JSP and Servlets.How long does it take to prepare for the exam? Are the questions theory based or are they on similar lines like SCJP?
Hi, vaibhav, I received my certificate within 15 days.
Hi Lucky, have you tried solving Devaka Cooray's Mocks?

You can find it here,
Hi Fredo, you can also download Devaka Cooray's Exam simulator.
Hassan, if you have read K&B -6, you will realize that Externalizable is not for the exam.

You can download it from the given web-site. Its a very good exam-simulator.
Have you solved Devaka's tests??
Congratulations, Banu
15 years ago
Geeta, Congratulations!
15 years ago
Hi Anu, In the above example where have you used ArrayList?

You have used LinkedList which implements Queue Interface, so the poll() method works.

Hope this helps.
Hehe.. so used to referring it as K &B ........