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I have completed my OCPJWCD certificate on 30 NOV 2012 ans also able see my certificate status in Certificate History page.

In oracle site it has been said that "you will receive you'r kit with in 6 to 8 weeks". By now it has crossed 8 weeks.

I am not sure whom should i contact for further details and also not sure is this is the right place ask this question.

Note: I have completed my SCJP5 in Nov 2009

Thangaraj S.
Hi All,

I like to share with you all that I have completed my SCWCD 5 successfully!!!.
Thanks for you all to help and guide me to complete this exam.
My score is 94%

Thangaraj S

11 years ago
Hi Daniel,

These are my response header and content type.

12 years ago
Hi All,

Our Requirement:
1. Need to open the dynamic pdf file in web browser(IE7/IE8).
2. Protocol: HTTPS
3. Adobe reader 9.X

I am able to open pdf file in my we browser(IE7/IE8) and that to in HTTPS properly. But rarely my pdf get display grey color.
example: First time i click the button i can able to view the pdf in web browser.
secon time i click the button i can able to view the pdf in web browser.
nth time im not able to view the pdf. it display grey box.
nth+1 time im not able to view the pdf. it display grey box.
nth+2 time i can able to view the pdf in web browser.
why this happens.

i am Having pdf byte array(byte[]) this byte array should be flushed to the client.
i have set my

is any thing wrong in my response content type?

Thanks and regards

12 years ago
My scenario is.
1. There are two database(Oracle,mysql). these two database has same table called(Customer)and there column also same.
2. In a single transaction i want to read customer data from oracle and insert into mysql database.
this question i was asked by an interviewer
Thanks in advance...
Alignment is not proper when setting button property as theme = ajax. when i am trying to place two button in same row . button which theme as ajax is coming in next line..please give me some solution how to solve it..

thanks in advance
13 years ago
Make Test5 class as public and remove public from Test4 class. save the filename in
13 years ago
My requirement: I am developing web application which can be acessible by A and B users.
In my application I am having only one jsp page. This jsp page can be used by more than
one user that too more than one functionality.
A is using X functionality.B is using Y functionality.
To satisfy these users A and B , I need to display the required jsp/html view controls.
These jsp view controls are comes from database.The view controls in jsp page are
equivalent to the fields/columns in database table.
Now I need to dynamically change/show the view controls in the only available jsp page.
Please give me a solution....
Thanks in Advance.
13 years ago
can you give some sollutions how to generate struts2 jsp component at run time and load the page to user.

thanks in advance
13 years ago
Customized Jsp Component Wants To Get Create(With textfield, select, button etc... ) At RunTime.And Gets Loaded For The End User.
13 years ago

Hai Iam New To Struts2. Can Any One Say Me How To Use Servlet Instead Of Jsp Page.

Thanks In Advance
13 years ago
Hai Friends..

Currently I am working in struts2 project and also iam new to struts. In My Application I am Using DatetimePicker. Where Iam Settings Its displayFormat Proprty as dd/MM/yyyy. In value class its a date Property. when i display this date propery using s.o.p the date object gets convert to current locale which is mm/dd/yyyy.

version: struts2-core-

output. If Choosen Date is. 12/05/2010

EffevtiveDate Format= Dec 05 2010

thanks in advance

14 years ago
Am working on struts2. I Cant Able To Load Select. It Gives Error.

javax.servlet.ServletException: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: tag 'select', field 'list': The requested list key 'issueValuelst.issueId' could not be resolved as a collection/array/map/enumeration/iterator type. Example: people or people.{name} - [unknown location]

1. How To Load The Combo With Value And Key.
2. After Pressing The Submit Button How To Get The Selected Value And Key In The Action Class.

Thanks In Advance.

14 years ago
I Have Been Assigned To New Project In Ma Company...... New To Struts And Eclipse. Can Any One Give Some Steps Or Links. How To Add StrutsFrame Work To Eclipse.And How To Develop Some Simple Application.Please Help Me.

I am Having Eclipse. : eclipse-jee-galileo-SR1-win32.
struts : struts-

Thanks in advance.