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Recent posts by Ghajini Johnson

I am trying to use star UML.

Is it the best? How can I build a package which will be less than 1 MB for uploading?
Selecting JSF Vs JSP or JSP Vs servlets - it is upto your problem statement.

All of these things can do the job, but there are finer prints on each. Any JEE technology can be used for solution. Your selection matters.
If checking whether the user is logged in by any specific cookie or session info, it is okay, but for initial login authentication, which should be specific to each application and essentially login is part of functionality, so initial authentication need not be done in filters. Once cleared, thereby you can intercept every request, and see whether user is authenticated.
Login mechanism - if this is part of your functionality dont use it in filters. Thats not a good idea. Filters and intercepting filters must be used which are not necessarily part of the application functionality.
Just wanted to share my experience with this part 1 exam.

Undoubtebly this is not an easy exam. Time is the most important factor.

I used to score around 50+ when I answred all 60 questions in sun epractice. But this is much deeper than the epractice examinations.

I did not have to time to submit answers for 5 questions. I did not properly manage the time probably. I answered 59 and got 44. Last 5 were left, no time to answer.

Last few questions from 51st to 59 I did not even read properly.

There is new matching answers pattern. They gave 3 questions like this, in which they give 6 sentences and ask you to match appropriately from 6 or more answers.

Anyways, is there any deal going on for Part2 and Part3? If I buy the voucher in USA, can I upload the part 2 from Europe?
14 years ago
if we buy the part2 exam voucher in USA, can we take the examination anywhere? like europe?
Just draw the logical architecture diagram. Show the tiers, any security services, any EIS integration etc.. Thats it.

If you draw anything else, it unnecessarliy diverts the people.

Can you be more specific....

Decorator is not for adding additional responsibilities. It is the alternative to subclassing. You can even override also..

Same capabilities are there in Proxy also, so I am asking where does that finer difference comes in.

Again, please let me know if you understand it, otherwise, thank you...
Please look at the class diagram and then you can see the similaties.

Definitions are absolutely different. Nothing to worry in the defintions......

The aggregation in decorator is pointing to the target abstraction.. where as the proxy is having the similar aggregation to the concrete class. No much difference.. Both are adding additional functionality..

See Mikalai Zaikin's book for patterns..

What is the difference between decorator and proxy?

Both are looking like similar..
Thanks for the info.

When I tried to check out the exam, it did not ask me anywhere the coupon code.

Where do I need to enter the coupon code?
Can any please reply to this ASAP?
Is it only for the members?

I would like to take this offer and buy the voucher..

Can anyone please let me know how to get it?

You are aslking people to postthe real questions here. It is not ethical.

This site is highly ethical. People dont share questions in this site, they share only the kowledge, and experience.
Hey Mikalai,

I am reading through your security material. Is there any other material that you have published in internet other than

Please let me know..