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Recent posts by T Williams

Thanks for the response. I think I worded it wrong. I'm OK with writing the java code.

The actual concept of building the tree from a logic standpoint is probably where I'm going wrong.

I understand the concept of the Decision Tree just not how to go about building one programmatically...so I guess psuedo code is probably what I'm looking for...so this may be the wrong forum.

Any advice oh where to get this?

11 years ago
Does anybody have a code example of building a basic decision tree?

I'm having issues with the concept from a java standpoint. Seeing
code always helps me understand it better.

Thanks very much.
11 years ago
Thanks but that did not work. I got the same error.

The logic is I read through the directory and create a file object
for any file that meets certain criteria for deletion.

I then call the delete() method of the file object which of course
fails to delete the file.

I can delete files from my servlet that are NOT in the container. I'm
assuming there is either a permission issue or tomcat won't allow it.
11 years ago
In my servlet, I am creating files at runtime. These files are stored in the root directory of my servlet container.

I need to clean these files up at some time. I have created a thread to do this within my servlet.

However, I use the myfile.delete() method. The file is not deleted.
I tested the file object for canWrite()...returns false.

What is the best way (if at all) to delete these files?

thanks very much!

11 years ago