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Recent posts by Steffen Neustadt

I have a table with several columns and wan't to validate the entries of two cells together (f.i. cell 1: start-time, cell 2: end-time--> validate that value of cell 1 is before value of cell 2). The problem for me is to specifie the cells, caues I only have one <ice:inputText> field in my jsf-file:

Tried to get a cell with findComponent() but can only get the current cell only...Any idea?
14 years ago
Hi, my problem is the following:
have a jsf with <ice:outputText> and <ice:inputText>-components (out, in) bound to values of my backing-bean in an datatable-<ice:columns>-component. My DataModel models a List of values as rows shown in the output-components correctly (getValue-method works fine). when I want to edit the values, I change the rendered-atributes of out/in and have now the values formerly shown in the output-component in the resp. input-comp. When editing and submitting the setValue-Method isn't called but it seems the the getValue-method instead...
When adding an valueChangeListener it shows me the changes (prints .getOldValue()/getNewValue())
No converting/validation-errors are shown...
thank you for every hint
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14 years ago
what about the getRowIndex()-methode of your dataModel?
14 years ago
Hello again, try to use a panelPopup in my jsf with the following code, very near to the tutorial

works fine so far, get the grey background-screen, the text and buttons in the middle of the screen, but the panelPopup isn't bounded in a box as shown in the tutorial (obtains for the pure example-code copied in my jsf as well...) but would be nicer it would, wouldn't it?
Someone has an idea?
14 years ago
Could solve my problem yesterday:

get's the columns (if no other children before (take care of the index))
an other

get's the (in my case) output-Component

I get the ...well...clientId!
It looks somethinmg like this:

with form, table, columns my Id-Attributs of the according components in the jspx-file, first 0: the index in getChildren()-result, second 0: -the index of the current column, 01: the (running) number of the children of columns (means: <columns><outputText, value:.../></columns>: if 5 columns with 5 rows makes 25 output-Components with id: ...j_id19)
(see f.i. )
Now we can take the id to make string-comparations (if id.contains(String_with_my_ids_and_indices){rendered=true or false)...
14 years ago
I have a dataTable in my jsf bound to a com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlDataTable in my backing-bean. I need to modify some single cells and/or rows and don't know how to get them...
In a first state I have a uneditable DataTable to show some values in the output-field in the ice-columns, on click on a command-button I change to an editable one by changing the rendered-attribute "isEditable". Can make all output-field to input-field this way, but wan't to let some uneditable. Need something like
14 years ago

Originally posted by Jaikiran Pai:
Please post your EJB code, the jsf managed bean code and the entire exception stacktrace.

problem fixed: in the deployment-descriptor ejb-jar.xml a spezification of the session-bean hung around ...very annoying!

Originally posted by Vaibhav Goel:
Hello friends,

I am new to EJB, can anyone tell me which is the best book for it?
I have heard that EJB 3.0 is the latest version of EJB. Is it worth to start directly fr4om EJB 3.0 without knowing anything about EJB.
Please tell me which book is best suitable for EJB?

Vaibhav Goel

I started with "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0" by Burke/Monson-Haefel published by O'Reilly
You'll need an Application Server, try Glassfish!
You'll find a lot of help in the net too, f.i.

Originally posted by Jothi Shankar Kumar Sankararaj:

I really did not get you...

in my opinion you habe a method findxy() with return value of typ collection, right?
So you have to return a value of this typ, f.i.
public collection findxy(){
//what ever you do, somewhere you have to get a value c
// c=new Collection(); c.add(xy);...
//c=what you have found;
return c;


so if nothing found c=empty, or you gave it an other value in your method...

Originally posted by Jothi Shankar Kumar Sankararaj:

I have a method that has the following signature,

public Collection findByUserId() throws FinderException, now what will my Collection be if there are no users found? Will it throw a FinderException or will it not?

if a function shall trigger an exception it has to build an exception-oject and initiate the handling of the exception. therefore use the key-word "throw"

If it is not throwing a FinderException, what value will my collection have? Will it be null or an empty Collection?

you define it in the find-method by initialisating the return value... I would say...
have a JavaEE (EJB3.0) project deployed on glassfish2.1 as -.ear (exported from eclipse3.4 to the autodeploy-folder) with -.ejb.jar, -.webui.war, general-lib-base.jar
get the following error message:
...nested exception is: javax.ejb.CreateException: Could not create stateless EJB
as greenhorn not only in the JavaRanch but in the JavaEE-field as well I'm looking for some help concerning the possible causes.
The session bean is invoked by a jsf-managed bean. Have a pure annotation @ejb in managed bean (identifiing the ejb-interface (remote) ...
thank's for any comment...

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[ September 30, 2008: Message edited by: Steffen Neustadt ]