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Recent posts by Vijay Gadde

Hi Ranchers,

I been searching on internet to find, a quickest and easiest way to build a WebServices client on a WSDL file.

We have this Web services running at Miami location, every week by the time we come into office in UK - these stage services will be down.

Now, I want to write a ROUTINE - a web-service client program which send this login web-service request every 30mns - and in case if it receive an UN-expected response then the program will email to certain people and keep sending login request to check and in case if service are back up and running - it will email to respective people about the same.

My plan to write a simple Java program - and using a Batch file run it for every 30mns - which sends out request to Web service login message - in case if services are down - it will email a notification to IT support team and carry on checking the services.

I want to finish this today ( donot want to spend lot of time on this simple project) : reasons I posted to Ranchers.
1. This is not a new requirement, in case if some one already done some part of it - please share the code - no mater whether its Java,.net,PHP etc.
2. There may already some custom built application - trying to find the same.

Please let me know further details.

Thanks and regards,VIJAY GADDE.
8 years ago
Hi Ranchers, may be I look silly to you..but this is actual requirement.

We have intranet website in our company, and it has Hyperlink for peoplesoft - and this peoplesoft application support only Firefox.

Users always use IE6 to browse intranet webiste, but when users select this PEOPLESOFT Hyperlink it should open new window - using Firefox .

Could some one give a idea on this, one option i been searching for code - using Java script we could control this - but how??

Any suggestions or code snippets would be great help.

Thanks and regards,VIJAY.
could you please let me know how can I make it as server application?
Would it be possible to install a java problem on Tomcat server and get it run in freequent interval times.

Any suggestions on how can i make this java program to make it as server applicaiton.

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago
Hi Experts,

It may look bit stupid..but I need to get something setup..

" Monitoring webservices, and if they are down sent emails to a group of people and keep checking at an equal intervel of time and again when services are back up and running again email a confirmation to the group of people".

For this I am planning to impliment like
Step1. Write a Java Progration / method to check the status of the WebService.

Steap. Write a shedule method which runs every 30mns intervel and call service status.

Step3: Success or Failue email the respective people about the service status.
Using windows shedular, let the program run and keep monitoring the services.

Another advanced step, install this Java.BAT program as windows service and configure furher.

Any suggestions - great help.

Thanks and regards,VIJAY.
9 years ago
I work for one of worlds biggest publishing compnay, they choosed Java for all Back end work and C# & ASP.NET for front end work. But after working of one year on this project, finally a collective decission ( Technical Architect, .NET & .JAV DEVELOPERS) NO TO JAVA AND YES TO C#.

Doing thing in c# is very quick easy and just done, in java it took ages to figure out things around.


No one in weblogic were able to answer to our questions, finally gone through some blogs and some one suggested we need to drop the jar files not only in root folder on of the project but also in WEBLOGIC home folder ((( what a night mare for all of us.

Finally ....after 1yrs of the project..., all java developers starging working c# development and all going VERY VERY HAPPY.


9 years ago
Hi Ranch Team,

I Feel good to post querrries on JAVA RANCH, after bit long gap.

I trying to find a where can I read lot about DESIGN PATTERS ( I do have bit of knowledge of Design patters like MVC, SINGLETON etc)

I want to gain good understandign of DESIGN PATTERS, from INTERMEDIATE TO EXPERT level if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

I been banging my head to get one simple webservice running for my POC.javascript:emoticon('');

I just want to write a simple java problem like adding two number and run the same as webservice deployed on Tomcat5 or 6.

I folllowed various links on this and steps and when I select this RUN ON SERVER from dynamic web application i am receiving this page not displayed error after that when when i got this tomcat admin page and select the services i am receving this class not found exceptions.

Why it is so complexto run a simple webservice using TOMCAT, AXIS2 & ECLIPSE.

could some one help me to get this done. I been banging my head around to move forward on my POC.

PLEASE HELP ME TO MOVE FORWARD. All I want is using ECLIPSE + AXIS2 + TOMCAT 5 OR 6 : write a simple java program and deploy as webservice and run as a webservice.


10 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

Using Java - JDBC code, i need to connect to our AS400 ISERIRES SYSTEM TO READ DATA FROM CERTAIN TABLE.

I been fighting on this once past couple days.

In our system, there are different environments and I need to connect - they are like Databases in a single RDBMS system.

could some one help me in this regards " USING JDBC how to connect to AS400 i seeries server and read the data from tables"

Any help really appriciated.

Kind regards,VIJAY

Hi There,

It was so glad to listen about this upgrade.

I am one of those great dying fan of Java Ranch. I am really not sure how you guys are handling this problem.

Problem: When some got any Java related question, first they are going to ask our Google grand-grand-father. He then shows the way to Java ranch website becuase Java ranch pages were so popular in java world.

I am totally worried and affraid, how this Java ranch software upgrde would be handling this arround.

One best worst example is, when pretty lowley oracle bought lowley BEA they started moving all the URL's into oracles domain..and poor guys like me seach for some BEA related question Grand-Great fater Mr.Google gives us the way out there but those links were no more served..they have been dows for long way....all this making me worried a lot arround.

Hope JAVA RANCH would be taking care arround these issues.
Thanks and regards,Vijay
11 years ago
Hi All,

I too trying hard for this Weblogic Admin certification.

Here is my Road map for certification.

I believe, key success for your Administrator certification - as many scenarios you soleve that much real time experience we get to move forward for a great success.

1. URL from BEA to lean about certification
2. Download all PDF files from above URL and try to cover them all

3. Practice Realtime scenarios and problems

4. Mock exams, found one from BEA website itself. But come accross couple of other PAID websites which gives all that training material.

Please add your comments, suggestions, URL's into this so we can crack it easy.

Thanks, Vijay, javascript:%20x()
11 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I have been using this Weblogi10g past 8months and now I would like to go for Weblogic10 Certified administrator.

Could some out there let me know if you had taken Weblogic10g certification exam could be great help.

All my interest is share the scenarios, I have got couple of scenarios to discuss in this forum. Below are few topics
1. Configure Weblogic10 domain using configuration wizarad aloing with Nodemanager and enable all the server with SSL certiticates and configure all the servers to autostart.

Looking forward for interested group arround to discuss further about various scenarios.

Thanks in advance Vijay
11 years ago
Could any one tel me how much does it cost this certification.

Terribility even cont able to find find the cost of this certification.

Could any one let me know about the same.

Thanks in advance,Vijay
11 years ago
I writer a Java Class with all the web methods and running it as a Web Service.
Is that practice is correct?

After everything finished and deployed onto the Weblogic server and browse the WebService using Browse and on the Browser if keep pressing this F5( REFRESH / WEBSERVICE-RELOAD) button - Webservice is browsing properly but on the Server console I can c some IOException- any reason why its throwsing like that. Is my testing is a valid testing.

Wrien an infinet for loop and browsing this URL, even in that scenario as well its throwing exceptions - why?

exception trace

Any suggestions please.

11 years ago
Your post is little confusing,

I really didnt understard, whether are you giving some information or are you asking some questions.

I have similar environment, WebServices running on Weblogic10, Hibernate, SQL Server.

First importabt bit you might be missing, before your start your weblogic server please make sure you copied all the JAR files into the LIB folder of your server - how to test this - after finishing this step if you restart the server you can view on the weblogic console all these JAR files getting loaded.

Regarding dilect error, please check your Hibernate config file. Aaccording to your DataBase you should have something like bellow line

Hope this helps.
11 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

I need to setup Weblogic10 as a Production server.

I know, would need to update the startup script "startmode=production"

My quesion is, when we are setting Weblogic server can some one suggest me for my below questions/doubts

1. What are major steps that MUST/SHOULD follow while setting up Weblogic in Producion mode

2. What are the check points to make sure its setup properly

3. We are using Weblogic for our WebServices deploymennt, so how to implimnet 3rd party certificates for HTTPS

Thanks in advance,
11 years ago