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Recent posts by Rahul Ba

User is having mainframe application and they want to send jms message with custom header. Could any one tell how to set custom header in mainframe application while sending jms message. Idea is that value in custom treated as message selctor in consumer side, hence needed.

How to set custom header while sending mq message from mainframe app.

Thank you
5 years ago
Hi yes, I want to add few more detail

1. yes data will be accessed by daily once
2. Data from one Oracle db table
2. Data will be big
3. How to send data by IO steam, Rest API?
5 years ago
We need to develop an API where we need to share the data to another application from database through API or any other way.Database may have neara bout 5 million rows 1. what would be best way to do this.Read data share to file. 2. Or Instead of having API, can we give database details to them and let them get the data. We can create a View and Let them share the data. So we avoid IO operation.
5 years ago
I am trying to implement CSRF implementation through EXTJs. I can see below are the steps. That's it. There is no need for CSRF token validation code. I assume Spring automatically takes care of it.
Is there anything need to done further?

2. We need add below dependency

3. Get the values in Html page

4. Send the requests in all requests

6 years ago
We are using Spring MVC Architecture with Ext JS as UI. We are using multiple Asynch. requests in application. We want to implement CSRF token. Now, we can not use new CSRF token with each requests, because Asych. requests can failed. Now, another option is to keep same CSRF token per user session. Now, When we transmit CSRF token from server to UI via (HTTPRequestHeader or cookie) there is possibility that hacker can forge the requests and get CSRF token. Now, hacker can use token to send forge requests. so, how to improve CSRF implementation here.
6 years ago

I want to call a URL in background to update flag in DB. In that view, is there any way with PdfAction(new url), I can accomplish that.
The Idea behind that to see how many times PDF got opened.
7 years ago
I wanted to load image from server when user opens an email. This is because I want to track users who reads an email.
Now, my query here is how to load image from server and and send some parameters.
7 years ago
We sent email with attachment. Attachment can be in pdf, xls, csv, txt formats. We want know how many user opened the file.so need some mechanism.
7 years ago
We have an application which sends reports by email. These reports are in the formats pdf, csv, xls, xlsx. A few of the reports are generated by our application and a few of them are generated by a third party engine like BO.

Now, we want add feature where whenever a user opens a report (i.e. the actual file) we should get a notifcation. Therefore we can find out how many actual users open the report
7 years ago
Hello, I have 600 MB of the XML file. Need to read that update the xml file. Is there any way we can do it with fast performance.
Thanks !
8 years ago
Thanks Heena, It make sense !
9 years ago
I have task for Purging the data from database. This data is from Audit table, hence it does not have any relationship with the other tables. There are around 40 audit tables and it has timestamp. I want to derive best strategy to purge the data. I have idea as below, please let me know your opinion.

My Strategy:
1. I will write a Store procedure which will delete data from all 40 tables which are more than 1 months old.
2. I will write a java program to call SP and inturn Java program will be called by scheduler.
3. The Schedule will trigger at 15 of each month.

What is your opinion on the same, is my steps can be improved in tuns of performance.

Thank you !
9 years ago
My answer is as follows please correct me If I am wrong

11 years ago

How many object are created in each of the following statements.

Please explain me. I know in line 1 only one object is created. What about Line 2 and Line 3?
11 years ago
No, It was only interview question. Thanks for help.