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Recent posts by rahulJ james

Is there a way to compare images and filter the duplicates using image processing in java (ImageProcessor)
9 years ago
Is there a way to restict the file file selection through browse button. I found the accept attribute in the input tag. But however, I am not able to use that to restrict the browse selection only for html files.

Can someone help
Is it possible to browse a directory rather than files in java script. I saw similar quesitons in this forum but I do not see a complete solution to this.
Can someone advise.

Or if there is an alternate way to accomplish this functionality
I searched this forum before I posted. But did not find the right answer.

I am using Tomcat 7 with JRE 6. When I try to deploy an application, it throws the exception as mentioned below.

And this is my java.policy file under my jre/lib/secutiry folder.

10 years ago
I tried even after adding these jars.. I still get the same exception
10 years ago
I was able to figure out that problem as I was only providing reference to these jars. Now I get a different exception

10 years ago
I have struts2-tiles-plugin- as well in my package in which I can see the class org.apache.struts2.tiles.StrutsTilesListener but not sure why it is throwing this error
This is my listener defined in my web.xml

10 years ago
I am trying to run a simple application on struts framework and I end up with the below exception when I try to load the application.

I am using struts2.0 package and all the jars comes under the package. Can someone guide. And the jars used and I am using jRE 1.5 with tomcat 5.5


10 years ago
Thanks Brian.. In the prod, I have j2re1.5.0_05 wherein, In my dev, I have j2re1.5.0_06 which I think will not be a big difference.
I followed your suggestion and copied the security files from production to dev and tried.. I get the same error and also the beginning of the log says something like

10 years ago
I am working on an old application with the following configuration. JRE 1.5_6 and Tomcat 5.5. I have to use this because the production environment has the same.

I ran this application 2 years back and it was working good .. I had to fix something in this application and had to set up everything now.. I did, when I started hitting the database, it throws the issue with the prime size.. I remember I posed the same topic few years back. The solution was to reinstall JRE. I did that today assuming the cacerts file under security folder would have been corrupted as I imported a certificate.. Can someone advise..

10 years ago
I need to create a music player for windows and mac..Can anyone suggest what would be the best framework to work with.

Any suggestions
11 years ago
As per your advise, I upgraded the JRe version to 1.5 and using tomcat 6. I am getting a different kind of error where it says as mentioned below, I found the same question in another place where someone has addressed saying that this can be a firewall issue. Not sure what I should do here..

The above error is in my local server. Similarly I get something like below in my unix server too which was working all these years.

Please help
11 years ago
I am using apache-tomcat 5.5 with the compatibility package in order to use that with JRE 1.4.1_17. We built the application 3 years back and I believe I was using the same configuration. When I tried to bring this application back in my system with the above configuration. I got the below mentioned error. Can anyone advise.

Because of this I am not able to bring this application up. Is there any issue with the version of JRE I use or I am not sure..

I tried installing JRE 5.0 but it ended up with a different error saying that 'JDBC driver is not found'

Can anyone advise
11 years ago
I need to delete a file in java.
I have the below code, but it doesnt work.

If I hardcode the directory name, it works.. How do I fix this problem which is because of single '\'
12 years ago
I wrote a standalone program to analyze this issue. basically I am trying to connect to DB2.

After executing this I get the following error

12 years ago