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Recent posts by Rashmi Tambe

Hello All

Has anybody used portletunit for unit testing portlets? There is very less help available and there is no community as well. I am trying to use it for testing Portlets in Jboss portal platform and getting erros as -

If anybody can help with portletunit or has used any other framework to test portlets, please reply.

15 years ago
Dont ever threaten to resign if you dont want to go that way! It's an extreme and desperate situation and do not exercise it because some one else is forcing you against your wish!

Ask your boss (who wants you on board) to play it politically instead of you playing it. If she really wants you, she'll play her own game to get you on board; but dont get played by her.If she cannot make it happen, its her loss and you are still safe in your current position and team working for existing client. And when people know that you are extremely important and most-wanted person, you get more respect and more choice of work without playing any games.

17 years ago

Originally posted by Piya Ch:
I got an offer to work in UK as Vignette developer for atleast 1 year with 2000 UK pound plus 6L INR salary. will it be worth? How much I can save from onsite allowance?

Can anyone tell me how much a person needs for fooding+lodging+transport+others activity to stay in UK?

[ April 10, 2007: Message edited by: Piya Ch ]

2000� + india salary (6L) is a great offer!
17 years ago
Thnaks KJ and Vjy!

In the past, I delivered an identity solution with Sun One Identity Server (Pre waveset version). It was the most challenging work I ever did. Firstly, the technology and the domain was completely new for me. Secondly, even though Sun provides lot of documentation about the product, you really have to struggle hard to make things work! Even Sun support was not helpful quite a few times!! I hope Sun has improved the product, documentation and support after two years.

Anyways, best luck for your expedition with identity domain!
17 years ago

Originally posted by KHP Virajith:
The 3 roles the employees of the company can play are EndUser,Technician and Admin
All 3 can be represented as Employee in the database but these 3

If all 3 roles are to be played by an Employee entity then it definitely has certain attribute(s) which identifies its role in the system. In terms of a simple database design, you can have -
1. An Employee Table
2. A Role Table.

If an employee can play only one role at a time, you have a foreign key 'roleId' in employee table. If employee can have multiple roles at a time, then you can have a relationship table like 'EmployeeRole' which has both �employeeId� and �roleId�.

With respect to modelling, a class diagram could have 2 classes (Employee & Role) with an association between them that defines its multiplicity.

Hope this answers your question.
Sun has a suite of identity management products under the umbrella of 'Sun Network and Identity Services'. Recently, it acquired WAVESET TECHNOLOGIES, which has its own suite of Identity products with more advanced features. I suppose the new integrated suite is called as 'Sun Access Manager'

For more reference see this

Identity management is a specialised domain and an interesting one. You can start reading more about underlying Sun Directory Server, LDAP, RBAC, SSO, JAAS etc. These are the buzzwords of identity domain. There is a good article on serverside.com about Identity Management
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17 years ago

Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:

We did interview some US/UK/Singapore returned people recently in NCR, Pune

What is NCR? Where is it based?
17 years ago

Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:
Hmmm, so with 1 year addition of experince in UK, you are expecting your package to get doubled.

2 years back, my package was 6. After 1 and half years in UK, and after doing some market research, I was (or rather still am) expecting 9-10. I thought this is the highest I could get with proper negotiation and based on my interview performance. However, when I spoke with few friends, recruiting agents and other contacts, I was told that getting 11L-12L is possible with some companies in Pune. Honestly speaking, I feel this is too high for 6 years of experience considering Pune salary standards. So I still think 9-10 might be the highest range.

We did interview some US/UK/Singapore returned people recently in NCR, Pune and people with such demands were turned down.

I have come across such cases when I was working in India in the past! So being on both sides of the table, I am aware of such situations!!
17 years ago

Originally posted by Zoots Allures:
Oh man - thats just so uncool - spent the whole day trying to install this. And you are now saying it was just a joke. My toilet will never be the same...

[ April 02, 2007: Message edited by: Zoots Allures ]

17 years ago
Thanks for the replies guys! I have already informed my managers that its going not going to be a permanent solution and we need more efforts & time for long-term fix. And they have agreed on it.

However, I suppose I posed the original question with an incorrect aspect... what I really meant to ask was how MUCH do you compromise? No one can give any quantitative measure of how much, but just a general idea... Rather do you fell guilty that you have breached OO principal while providing the fix? And how hardcore OO purists are you?
17 years ago

Originally posted by Amit Wadhwaa:
Hi Rashmi,

I think you can try for a 10+ package. It would be a tad difficult to achieve but is gettable. One of my friends who has a similar profile as of yours currently has package of 8+L but he's located in delhi. In, Pune you can certainly target for more. Again, it would depend on your skills and companies you apply to among other factors.

Yeah, I have been speaking with friends and other contacts and the good news is I can get unto 12L with some companies (provided I can negotiate well!). I only have to decide in terms of distance to commute and role. Let�s see... Once I go back, I have to appear for many interviews and then choose from.

However, the only thing I now fear about is long hours. I use to work for very long hours (sometimes 14 hr/day) in the past. But now, after a year of working in the UK, I am so used to working in normal 8 hrs schedule!!! (Sometimes more than that but very rear cases) So the very idea of long hours really scares me. I am sure I'll adjust; it'll just take few days.
[ April 02, 2007: Message edited by: Rashmi Tambe ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Fred Rosenberger:
people who figure out the plot twist early always say "it was too easy to figure out". if 95% of the population DOESN'T figure it out, maybe it wasn't too easy, huh?

I liked the 6th Sense. I didn't know ANYTHING about it. I didn't even know there WAS a plot twist. It completely threw me.

Same here! I didn't know anything either and the twist completely astonished me!! Anyways, there are always the differences of opinions...

However, I was disappointed by the 'Signs'
17 years ago

Originally posted by Anoushka Sharma:

No offence meant, Anoushka!
It's just that you the first person I came across who did not like 'Sixth Sense', that's it!!!
Anyways, happy movie watching!
17 years ago
I always find a certain situation described below very changeling �

Imagine that you have just released a new IT system to the business that is going to replace its existing popular website in phases (of course with loads of new features!). The testing team has done enough functional testing and everything�s seems to be working fine. But hey, business is in such a hurry and even though you had originally planned for through performance testing, you have to push the system out of the door without doing all performance testing and tuning cycles. So the new website is released and a partial load from older one is being routed to this one. Things are looking good as the website can handle partial load very well. Business is happy! 

Now comes a hard part� the traffic starts increasing and the newbie can no longer handle that and performance and sales are dropping!!! Panic situations: O and there is a SWAT meeting in the IT department. Business wants improved performance from IT as soon as possible. So you go on hunting the bottlenecks in system and resolve it. Now comes a tricky situation. A certain component in the system is designed very well in terms of object oriented approaches. But there is deign overkill which is causing performance issue. Now if you fix it immediately, then business is happy as their sales figures� damage can be restored. Having said that, this fix damages the OO design or rather makes the code a little dirty. But it surely solves the bottleneck. And there is no time to take a call or redesign the component so that design principals are not breached and yet you can gain performance. What do you do? Do you go ahead and make such change � as sales figure is the only thing that business cares and not about design principals. How do you handle such situation?

I know that above example is pretty hypothetical one; but, I would still appreciate ranchers� opinion.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Anoushka Sharma:
I was never impressed by any of his movies

Compare between "The Sixth Sense" and "The Others". I definitely liked "The Others".

Well, thats really surprising!!!
17 years ago