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Recent posts by ayyappan Bas

I'm trying to pull in the latest snapshot version of a certain repo with the LATEST maven keyword, by adding the following line.


I would like produce a version number for above mention maven dependency at runtime (while run maven)but I am getting LATEST instant of dependency version number .I have used a Groovy script to produce a version info file.Do you have any ideas about how to get dependency version number using Groovy script if it is used LATEST keyword ?

7 years ago
The first five fields are:
minute (0-59)
hour (0-23)
day of the month(1-31)
month of the year (1-12)
day of the week (0-6 with 0 = Sunday)

Each field can be an asterisk meaning all values, or a single integer, several integers separated by commas, or two integers separated by a hypen to indicate a range.
9 years ago

Hi All

i want invoke my method every one hour except 12 am .Currently i am using cron job .could you please any one help on this problem .the following expression will invoke my method on every one hour .

ex :
0 0 0/1 1/1 * ?
9 years ago

you have maintain Table for user and password .that table you have to add one more column loginstatus . whenever he/she login change flag yes .when logout change flag no. when the user going to login know that time just check the status .if flag no(N) then allow user otherwise do not allow .

12 years ago

you have to change Instance variable as Public like that

public String title;
public String year;
public String genre;

12 years ago

Very simple
I changed like this .it should work .

<html:text property="userId" />
<html:text property="password" />
12 years ago

Srikanth Kumar wrote:struts text field is a representation of HTML text field. if you are using struts, then you are recommended to use struts text field so that the value will be populated from the struts form bean.

thanks for reply

thanks and regards

Ayyappan B
12 years ago

What is the difference between html textbox and struts-html textbox? Which one should I use for a new Struts based project?

Example :


<input type="text" name="user">

<html:text property="user"/>

12 years ago
Is it possible to connect directly to a MS Access database file without having to make a dsn in your system pointing to the ms access database?

I need to include with my application the java program and the database file and it just work without the user having to set up anything.


From novice to professional Struts book ?and Best book for OOAD(object oriented analysis and Design )
13 years ago
I am developing an application where there are two windows named "parent window" and "popup window".when i click a button from parent window it opens a popupwindow where i developed a application for writing a exam. The session time out i had set as 30 minutes in web.xml.When i click the button from parent window and popup window opens and exam starts and i had set exam time as 60 minutes,but after 30 minutes the session gets expired in popup window since the session time out in web.xml is 30 minutes.This is where i am encountering the problem because of this i am not able to write the exam.How can i solve this problem and i dont want to change the session time out in web.xml, as the exam time changes for each exam?
13 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:JFreeChart has no provisions for generating table-like output. If you want to mix both you could take a look at JasperReports, which is the premier open source reporting solution for Java.

But it depends a lot on the environment - is this a web app or a desktop app? What output formats do you need to support?

thanks for Reply

I am using Web Application .Student Report Model based on Exam .
13 years ago

I have generated reports using Jfree chart.In my reports generation for my Application ,i have to genrated Report in Table format and Chart format . i am familiar in genrating Chart format Reports.but i have no idea about how to generate table format report using Jfree chart???can anyone suggest me or help me how to generate table format report using jfree?

if any examples avaliable kindly send me?if is there any other way to generate table and chart format report using any othertool.which is easy and Efficient ?
13 years ago

I have done Chart using Jfreechart .but i want table format report and Chart in same Jsp Page.Is it possible .