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10 years ago
App drawer is a different application (Launcher.apk) and this application gets to decide how it draws the presentation. So unless this application exposes a way to affect its display, your app running in different process cannot do much.

The only option you have, as you have already found out, is to recompile the Launcher app and replace it on the device. Or, choose a different Launcher altogether.
10 years ago
ADT for Eclipse is decent enough and has evolved a lot over time. If you are using IntelliJ IDEA, Android studio is also helpful. Droiddraw has also been around for a long time.
10 years ago
Logged onto my Ranch account after a l-o-n-g time. Feels good. Was I missed??
12 years ago
Search this forum for similar discussions, you should be able to find answer. I assure you this has been asked many a times before.
12 years ago
What is the exception that you are getting?
12 years ago
Per Romain Guy, the person who wrote this class :

there is absolutely no guarantee on the order in which getView() will be called nor how many times.

Don't write code that makes assumptions that getView() would be called only once per row.
12 years ago
If you solicit help you should ask questions properly. Also, let everyone know what you are trying to do.


TelephonyManager.getNeighboringCellInfo() return a List of neighboring cell information in a NeighboringCellInfo object, including Received Signal Strength and Cell ID location.
Since, you have mentioned the name of the function, I assume you are doing the same. Can you post some source code?

Have you added necessary ACCESS_COARSE_UPDATES permission?
12 years ago
Gabriela Radu : Understand the reason why your approach did not work?
The "asset" folder is not part of Android file system but your app.
12 years ago
As an aside, it is not advisable to pass large Bitmaps in Intent extras. You will run into all sort of issues.
12 years ago
Read about the generic Intent.ACTION_VIEW and how it works in conjunction with and then read up on the use of Intent.createChooser().
12 years ago
Niklas: what exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to check if a certain IP is reachable from your phone?
From what I have heard, InetAddress#isReachable() might not work as one might expect.
12 years ago
If you are connecting to remote servers over HTTP, one of the approaches could be setting appropriate ConnectionTimeOut and SocketTimeOut parameters. If you get ConnectionTimeOut or SocketTImedOut Exceptions you can show an informational popup to the user saying "Limited Connectivity or Slow connection".
12 years ago
Apparently, this problem has got nothing to do with the medium by which the hardware is connected with internet. The problem is one of the intermediate certificates from the Servers certificate chain are missing from the Keystore on the client.

The interesting thing about this is that this error is not flagged every time but is intermittent.