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I pointed that earlier to Tejas that it is almost impossible to go thru RHE, Khalid & JQ+ in 10 days. How can a person read all stuff, sit in exam, arrange sun's exam, etc..., all in 10 days? May be a superhuman
Guys take heart. You can make it with time and hard work.
20 years ago
Does anyone know how long it takes to get the email reply from SUN to get the artwork for SCJP LOGO??
20 years ago
Getting interesting
Lets make this link as defacto standard in acronymns so that it helps everyone, i.e, single point reference. I am going to add some more (when posting, write acronym and its full extension for benefit of all).

If you are in US, it takes about 10 days to get cert(I got on 9th day). In India, it might take about a month or less, depends on postal service.
Hope it helps.
20 years ago
I think that it may take more than 10 days to even read Mughal book, especially for persons who are new to this field. Reading Mughal, RHE, mocks in 10 days must be fun for you
I have written above sentence so that beginners do not get discouraged with this talk of 10 days or 1 month or perhaps 1 day Friends, it does take time & patience to pass this exam. Have faith and you can make it. This eaxam is not that difficult. Always do some mocks to assess your preparation. Real thing is almost of same levels as mocks or little more hard (as Marcus).
20 years ago
Lets discuss and talk about new upcoming acronymns (na.. techs) and their impact on future web services development: here we go
For your benefit: Acronyms meaning
XML: Extensible/eXpert Markup Language
XSL: Extensible Stylesheet Language
SAX: Simple API for XML
JAXP: Java API for XML Parsing
DOM: Document Object Model
XQL: XML Query Language
RSS: Rich Site Summary
For Beginners:
SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language
W3C: World Wide Web Consortium
Does someone want to add few more ? go ahead
Absolutely, I believe mul inheritance is necessary. Its v. simple to prove that interfaces are just the workaround for extending the features of more than one base/parent classes. Do you think that a child has only features of mother or father. No one can believe it. Not even Darwin . Anyway, my purpose of writing this post was to bring out the best of all worlds. I believe that Java is a great language, but, we have to enrich it with new ideas. That is the whole purpose of my post, so that everyone participates in this ongoing evolving discussion.
Sure, everyone has right to enhance and embrace new techs and ideas(J2EE,etc). If everyone had accepted status quo and not dreamt likes James Gosling, Scott, etc, we would not have Java today and we would be still in the world of Ada or Lisp. There is nothing wrong in dreaming a new language like JAVA++ or for that matter any new tech. I want experts (novice will do if they have great ideas) to discuss this possibility (sorry no inflamation ). What do you guys think about it?
Great ideas germinate from the seed.
Interesting reply from Ashish.
First, I do not agree that XML is not a language (it is a language, acronym itself says that). Leaving aside that, I found the points interesting.
Microsoft may not be developing anything under the sleeves but I have something in my mind cooking up. Why not develop another advanced version of JAVA++ (which is actually Java ++some --some). Do you guys (ofcourse, I include gals here ) think that concept of multiple inheritance useless? No, I think that it is quite relevant in practical life (child can have characteristics of both father & mother). In fact, Java acknowlegdes that multiple inheritance is needed as Java provides a workaround in the form of interfaces. It is funny that abstract methods are written and that are implemented by blank methods in adapters. Why not accept the fact multiple inheritance is needed!! We have '+' overloaded for strings but no other operator overloading in Java . I believe that these features & other concepts can be put in new Java language, which I call JAVA++. Do you support me guys!!! huh..
Now, coming to other point. Lot of water has flowed in Ganges river and is flowing in tech world. I wanted guys & gals to give a thought about emerging technologies. I want to start a discussion on repurcussions of several techs(COM,DCOM,.Dot, .VS, JS, Java, XML, XSL, SAX, C#, etc) and conflict in these tech and likely usage of these tech in future and their impact on the life of IT prof. Experts who are using these techs are welcome to detail the adv. & disadv. of these tech (what company is developing these, does not matter) , so that good come out of all froth, which hopefully provide guidance to budding pros.
I believe that Ashish was on target what I wanted to start a chain of thoughts from SCJP'ites/MCSD'ites/ etc. Lets be part of this great discussion and benefit!!!
First of all XML is not a language its a more of a methodology for storing text data, XML is not proprietary, its open and anybody can use it its more of a concept to store data and transfer data in text format which can be understood but disparate systems, then there is XSL(T) which can be considered as a language to transform XML document to another XML document.
U can use XML with any language which can work with text files be it Java, C++, or VB(Microsoft), all u need is a parser (which u can write ur own in ur language of choice) to work.
Microsoft is not developing anything under the sleeves the things are in open like Dot Net that has XML underlying everywhere in the architecture and support for applications build to use XML, Web Services is what I think would be next major thing, where u can talk to disparate Programs, execute methods and get data as XML over HTTP (mainly)
Comparing JAVA to DOTNET would be pretty interesting as one of the main difference is JAVA applications are mostly platform neutral while applications in DOTNET would be Language neutral like write in ur preferable language and talk to different DOTNET languages, also In Java World there are both pros and cons of having so many vendors for ur enterprise application in Microsoft world One vendor (Microsoft) does it all and it has its own merits and demerits.
C# from Microsoft is a copy of Java but obviously more features and better in terms of GUI and Event handling (obvious because it took concepts from Java world and VB world). Similarly ASP DOT Net has more and better
I think in long run both Java and DOT Net would be winners as competition brings out the best.
Thanks Andrew.
Is there other language which can do a better job than XML. May be Microsoft is developing something under the sleeves . Is there someone who can compare .NET tech with Java tech. I want to make sure which one is going to work in long run, before embarking on a new journey. In think Java tech is finding use in wireless applications, a future goldmine. Any comments?

XML gives you an extensible non proprietary way to store and transfer data, that can be easily read by humans and software alike.
XML is just a toddler now, and growing like a weed.
Recently, I passed SCJP test on Aug.4. (I am on high octane ).
I am trying to find out the next logical course to take, i.e, what certification can help in value addition that will use my Java knowledge. I thought may be XML. I want to know where exactly XML finds application and what combinations along with XML or Java can make a good career move for me as for everyone out there (who are SCJP'ites). Isn't C#/.NET will pose a challenge to Java (ofcourse, everyone knows Microsoft ). So, why go for XML. I wanna know some solid convincing reasons to study XML or any other tech. Can anyone throw a light why XML should be studied & from where (how a beginner can start)? Thanks.

Thank you Jane.
Regarding name, I tried to use my first full name while registration but, every time, it said that this name is already taken and use other name. Since, I could not use my first name, so, I abbrebriated. Since, my first name is not that rare, how should I register with a new name. Can you pls. let me know.
One thing I have seen on this forum is that everyone is talking about so & so score, what questions came, blah, blah. I think that in addition to this, it would be better that we discuss what SCJP needs to do in future, how value addition can be done, how much worth Java is, practical uses (solid applications of Java), etc. This will be great for everyone, including buddies who have yet to acquire SCJP status.
I hope that we start a worthwhile discussions of real practical importance, ultimately the purpose of Java. Also, in good faith, we need to discuss the advantages of Java vis-vis C#, so that, SCJP'ites get added confidence in Java. Your thoughts please.

20 years ago
I passed the SCJP test on Aug 4. Do anybody know when Sun will send the SCJP2 certificate and logos. I also want to know what guys/gals plan to do after SCJP2.
20 years ago