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Recent posts by cesar valencia

Vishal Pandya wrote:
By the way, the code that you have provided still has some issue. Check it twice.


sorry, i wasn't aware of such policy. I will keep it in mind next time
15 years ago
there's an easy way, it just requires you to create a servlet and have the link point to the servlet. Put your data in session and read it on the servlet, or repeat the logic to generate the data in the servlet, that's up to you.

(from a previous post of mine)
15 years ago

yarlagadda rajesh wrote:hi good afternoon......
thank to all giving a very good replies

you are sending a good one but my requirement is ...........


in above having name of the jsp(addressbook.jsp)

but i want to hide the name of the jsp(addressbook.jsp) just show the url(/addressbook) pattern only

just map it in the DD



that should do it, just adjust the path of addressbook.jsp

15 years ago
oh yeah, that's right! Sorry, it eluded me as being "any given method" instead of a real method (get http method), otherwise my statement remains correct.
not really, they are not the same.

${pageContext.request.method} would be the same as pageContext.getRequest().getMethod(); but both of them would cause compile time error in a jsp provided request is an instance of an implementation of javax.servlet.HttpServletRequest given that method is not really a method defined in that interface.
did you configure tomcat to use the tomcat-users.xml file as one of the Resource elements? chances are it doesn't have a realm configured just yet.
[ January 01, 2009: Message edited by: cesar valencia ]
while it might work depending on the container, /*.do is not a valid mapping
declarations are meant for instance variables. what you're doing in 1) is kinda like:

whereas 2) goes kinda like

thus, 2 is correct and 1 will fail to compile
congratulations, that is indeed a great score!
15 years ago
456 is the correct answer if and only if the first servlet hasn't commited the answer (flushing the output). Would you mind posting your servlet in order to check if it's flushing or not?
although the documentation in the web-app xsd seems to tell us that elements can be in any given order, i had problems deploying applications where error-page came before servlet.
i use 5.5.27 and it works. maybe i have hot re/deploy enabled or something? do any of the guys getting error tried to restart their tomcat instance?
doesn't seem like a problem with the servlet context, unless you've overriden service to service with doPost() only.

a link (as in href) will be serviced by doGet (normally). Try that first and let us know if it still throws Exception
[ December 11, 2008: Message edited by: cesar valencia ]
as far as i can recall, you do can access page scoped attributes in an expression. The code will compile and it will print whatever the strName variable holds.
[ December 09, 2008: Message edited by: cesar valencia ]