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Recent posts by changhyun moon

Dear dude,
I have used (+) symbol for outer join,
but in this project HiRDB doesn't work with (+).
So I have to use 'left outer join' terms, I am however not used to it.

Here is my question:
Can I use the table which is the object of 'left outer join' with another join?
for example, it is cTable.

select, bTable.address, cTable.yearlyPay
from aTable left outer join cTable
on =,
where bTable.position = cTable.position
and aTable.workyear = bTable.workyear;

in this example above, cTable is left outer joined with aTable
and used to join with bTable in where phrase.
I am afraid if we can't join cTable with another table(bTable) once cTable is used to left outer join with aTable.
I am using List on my program.
I suddenly wonder how many elements a List can add for itself.

anyone knows it?
15 years ago
Dear peeps,

I am designing an application.
In jsp,
I have checkboxes with same name.
Let's say I have 5 checkboxes in a jsp.

And I have checked second and fifth one.

The question is :
Do I have an array of size 2 or size 5 for these checkboxes on the form of server?

I thought I would have a String array of size 5 with the value of {null, "1", null, null, "1"}
Please make me sure.
I want to know what http does for me.
15 years ago
Ulf Dittmer //Thanks for pointing at my mistake.
My environment is struts.
Well, whatelse...
15 years ago
I wonder why I have to set HttpServletRequest, not HttpServletResponse when server->page.

The detail is below
I know I get information from HttepServletRequest on server
when page->server.
With response, I set a form for next page on ActionServlet.
I have to set the form to the HttpServletRequest, not HttpServletResponse when server->page.

What happened to HttpServletResponse?
What is that I don't know?
15 years ago
Thanks for your guide and right reply,
I thought about it.
However, I need to set the values with proper list already existed in the server.
I believed that checking checked or unchecked is waste of process while I set the list.
Is there anyway in the javascript way to control unchecked value to be delivered as '2'(as I described on the question)?
15 years ago
Dear peeps,
I have a problem with getting checkbox value.
I have a list of checkbox
and I need to get the value of checkbox
'1' when checked, and '2' when unchecked.

But as I know, checkbox deliver their value only when it is checked.
How can I approach this problem?
15 years ago