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Recent posts by sri valli

We are trying to migrate our J2EE application from GlassFishv1 to Sun One Application Server 7.
My application was running fine on GlassFish.
I have deployed the ear file on sun one application serve 7.
The deployment was successful.
Now when i try to access the application,the action which triggered to access EJB is failing.
I have set the <bean-cache> parameters properly.

The error is:NRU:com.telstra.nodeman.ejb.NodeMaintBean:Can not load from BACKUP Store For Key
NRU:com.telstra.nodeman.eb.NodeMaintBean:InValid Session Key
Exception while running pre invoke ejbName:NodeMaintBean
Javax.eb.NoSuchObjectLocalException:The EJB Does not exist

Please help in solvinf this issue.
Thanks in advance for the help.
I got the solution
My application server is overriding the new jars with the old jars placed in the domain lib folder.
the old jar path is included in the "path settings" of the application server.
Hope this helps.
I am using sun java studio update 5 with sun java application server 7.

I have edited the .java files and cretaed the Jar file for those files.
After exporting the .ear file i just decompiled the .class files and was identified the changes.
The deployment on sun java application server 7 was smooth.
When i ran the application i could not find any changes.
Please provide some pointers if any had this issue before?
Thanks in advance for the help.
Thanks for the information steve.

We have not declared user data objects in the scope of the servlet.

The user session objects we are storing in the STACk which is common for all users.

The problem description

when first user login to the application the user data object is stored in the stack.

At the same when the second user log in his object is created and stored in the stack on the top of thelast user object.

Now when the first user gain try access his object he is accessing the first object in the stack which is the last user object.

Please provide a solution on how do we over come this problem.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
I am facing a strange problem with the session.
When 2 users are connected to the server the first user rights are overridden by the second user.

The example is first user login to the application with read-only rights and the second user log in with the administrator rights.

suddenly the first is getting admin rights and he can modify the pages.

Please provide some pinters.

Thanks in advance for the help.
14 years ago
I am having astrange problem with session object.
when 2 users are same connected to the same server one peron security rights are overrided by the other person rights.

Please provide some pointers to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
we are not using java script.

I have made the change to the SOAP address url in the wsdl and deployed it on the server where my application is sun java system application server 7.

After deploying my app server has to generate some files appending _ties to it.
but those files are not generating.

please provide some inputs.
14 years ago
I have my web services currently running on SJAS8.1.
My java application is running on Sun Java System Application server 7.
Now i have to move my web services to the server where my java application is running.

Do i have to create a separate domain to deploy my web services on SJAS7?
Whay all changes my web services require before getting into SJAS7?

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
the problem is we are trying to build .ear file using ant commands which are defined in build.xml file.
in the build.xml there is a command to create manifest file.
but we found out that the manifest file is not creating under /meta-inf diractory.
we assume that this could be the problem forthe creation of .ear file.
and i don't have much knoledge on build.xml
i am giving all the commands which are existing in my build.xml file related to manifest file.


<available file="${conf.dir}/MANIFEST.MF" property="has.custom.manifest" />
- <condition property="do.war.package.with.custom.manifest">
- <and>
<istrue value="${war.package}" />
<isset property="has.custom.manifest" />
- <condition property="do.war.package.without.custom.manifest">
- <and>
<istrue value="${war.package}" />
- <not>
<isset property="has.custom.manifest" />


- <target name="-do-compile" depends="init, deps-jar, -pre-pre-compile, -pre-compile, -copy-manifest, -copy-webdir, library-inclusion-in-archive,library-inclusion-in-manifest" if="have.sources">
<webproject2:javac destdir="${build.classes.dir.real}" />
- <copy todir="${build.classes.dir.real}">
<fileset dir="${src.dir}" excludes="${build.classes.excludes}" />
- <target name="-copy-manifest" if="has.custom.manifest">
<mkdir dir="${build.meta.inf.dir}" />
- <copy todir="${build.meta.inf.dir}">
<fileset dir="${conf.dir}" includes="MANIFEST.MF" />


- <target name="-do-dist-with-manifest" if="do.war.package.with.custom.manifest" depends="init,compile,compile-jsps,-pre-dist">
<dirname property="dist.jar.dir" file="${dist.war}" />
<mkdir dir="${dist.jar.dir}" />
- <jar manifest="${build.meta.inf.dir}/MANIFEST.MF" jarfile="${dist.war}" compress="${jar.compress}">
<fileset dir="${build.web.dir.real}" />
<target name="do-dist" depends="init,compile,compile-jsps,-pre-dist,-do-dist-with-manifest,-do-dist-without-manifest" />
- <target name="library-inclusion-in-manifest" depends="init" if="dist.ear.dir">
<basename property="included.lib.file.reference.jato-1_2_2-dev4.jar" file="${file.reference.jato-1_2_2-dev4.jar}" />
<copy-ear-war file="${file.reference.jato-1_2_2-dev4.jar}" propname="included.lib.file.reference.jato-1_2_2-dev4.jar.X" />
<mkdir dir="${build.web.dir.real}/META-INF" />
- <manifest file="${build.web.dir.real}/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF" mode="update">
<attribute name="Class-Path" value="${included.lib.file.reference.jato-1_2_2-dev4.jar}" />

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
we are using an application for which we are not able to create .ear file.
we investigated that the problem is with the manifest file.
the manifest file is not created.
please some body can give any pointers like under what conditions we face this scenario?
Any help would be appreciated
15 years ago

What i believe is actionform overrieds the reset() method automatically and reset the old values with the new values.
is it not?
15 years ago
Hi Tom,
Thanks for the concern..
I have done it by mistake.

The correct method is

public void reset(ActionMapping mapping,HTTPServletRequest request){

//aray declaration

and one important thing is the problem of reset is not happening always..
some times it is working fine..and some tmes it is giving problem
15 years ago

My action form bean code is like this

class searchProjectForm{


Public void reset(ActionForm form,HttpServletRequest request){


//array declaration


public void setSurName(String surname){
public String getSurName(){
return surName

and the code for JSP is

searchProject {

<html:javascript formName="searchProjectForm" method="validateSearchProjectForm"/>

<html:form action="/searchProjectRelay" onsubmit="return validateSearchProjectForm(this);">

<html:hidden name="searchProjectForm" property="dispatch"/>
<html:hidden name="searchProjectForm" property="mode"/>
<html:hidden name="searchProjectForm" property="filterID"/>
<html:hidden name="searchProjectForm" property="filterName"/>
<ournet:button name="SearchProjectFind" displayName="Find" dispatch="SearchProjectFind" page="SearchProject" form="searchProjectForm"/>

<td align="right"><b><i>Assigned User - AU -</i></b>(blank = ALL) Surname</td>
<td><html:text property="surName" maxlength="20" size="20"/></td>


and my action class code is

public class PerformSearchProjectAction extends PLOAction {

protected String doExecute(ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request) throws Exception {
_log.debug("Entering PerformSearchProjectAction.doExecute(...)");

if (!(form instanceof SearchProjectForm)) { // We do not have a SearchProjectForm, so we
// cannot feasibly continue
return NPAAction.FAILURE_KEY;
else {
SearchProjectForm searchProjectForm = (SearchProjectForm) form;
} }
catch (Exception e) {
_log.debug("In PerformSearchProjectAction.doExecute(...) - Exception: " + e);
return NPAAction.FAILURE_KEY;

_log.debug("Exiting PerformSearchProjectAction.doExecute(...)");

return NPAAction.SUCCESS_KEY;

Any Help Would be appreciate
15 years ago
Hi Tom,

My form bean scope is session.and this from bean is used accross multiple pages in my web application.

In the my FORM i have defined the reset method to reset the values when i give a new request.

But the problem is the values are not getting reset.

first when i give a value in JSP it flows to from bean..
in form bean the old values are reset to new values when the JSP loads
and in my action i am getting the new values from form bean..from setters and getters.
15 years ago
THe problem in detail is..i want to search on surname and this value is set to formbean and after processing some business logic it makes the connection to the database and it will retrieve the valuescorresponding the surname.

I have some more fields include the surname field..

if i try search on the combination of two fields including surname then it works fine.using only surname is giving problem.

Please any one suggest me how can i resolve this problem?
15 years ago