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Cristiano Fontes

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since Oct 20, 2008
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Recent posts by Cristiano Fontes

Hello i am new to JNDI so i am really dadly confused about it.

I am using WebSphere 6.0(local running in Rational Software Architect), to test a Oracle 10g DB(Remote) connection. to do that I made a servlet that when i start it try to connect and send an insert and a select to the DB

my problem.

I configured the DS in WebSphere in

JDBC providers > Oracle JDBC Driver > Data sources

This is my DS
Name JNDI name Description
TEST_DS jdbc/TEST_DS New JDBC Datasource

it's working because I tested with the built-in WebSphere AS tester.

but I can't get my Servlet to Lookup this DS, I have been trying for more than 10 hours, i would really like some help, I've read every Tutorial online but nothing can help me.

Deployment descriptor.

this is the last attemp to make it work.
Code of Servlet

my error

Is there anything else to config to make this thing work ?
I am going mad here, because there is no way to make it work...

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Hello, does anyone know any good resources to find information about compatibility of WAS 5.0 or 6.0 with Oracle Application Server 10G ?

I've been to both sites but not a loot of information to compare...

I think it would be a nightmare to migrate something from WebSphere to Oracle because of all the IBM stuff that WebSphere uses.

I need to create a "kind of paper" about this.

any help will be appreciated !

thank you !
15 years ago
Hello i am trying to make a RollBack in a Message from an MQ server.

I managed to make the MQ sending msg to work with WebSphere and ListenerPort Setup...

but i can't get the JNDI lookup(line103) of the connection factory to find anything... so i can't get the msg back.

i created a AUD_IN destination and an AUD_QCF in Connections Factory, so I don't know what else to do to make this Lookup work.

any help would be great !

Thanks to all

P.S: Every thing is running at LocalHost, the MQ and WebSphere, but it's only the test enviroment so It should work in the remote server too.

[ October 27, 2008: Message edited by: Cristiano Fontes ]
15 years ago
Oh, thanks for the Tip on the naming...

and for the struts observation too...
15 years ago
Hello there.

I am new to struts and i need to learn it, but I am thinking about skipping Struts 1 and going strait to 2...

am I going to miss a lot ?
15 years ago