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since Oct 21, 2008
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Recent posts by Wendy L Gibbons

Ok i lost the plot a bit and offered to do a programming club at my kids school, we are talking 9-11 year olds.

So what language, i was thinking python as that is the language they learn at school currently.

So 2 questions
1) what language would you do
2) Can you think of good lesson aims, they will have 1 hour in the club.
8 years ago
I have been playing with this this morning, and your right it isn't overly complicated.
I was hoping somebody was going to say don't bother IIS is being silly, but actually the code impact isn't too big yet
8 years ago
we are using ExtJs, if i remember correctly the jaxrs helpfully decodes the url, then chunks the parameters out

so http://www.blah;id=wendy;bleugh;nextthing=boo

throws errors about the parameter bleugh and formatting or some such thing, we implemented this solution a couple of years ago so can't remember the exact error.


8 years ago
our system uses user entered codes as the item's ID.
Years ago it was decided to be ultra friendly and allow all sorts of punctuation to be valid in these codes.

so both & and ; are valid in the string.

We have been solving this by encoding the parameter, and then encoding the whole URL, so double encoding.

Well we have now tried using IIS and it is complaining about double encoding, I have since discovered the double encoding attack, and am concerned.

All of our internal SQL is written using prepared statements. But we want to save the setup burden on our customers.

Presuming we do want to change how should we encode the strings to make them safe in URLs?
Or is IIS being overly cautious and we should save ourselves the effort.
8 years ago
sorry if this is the wrong place but I am trying to find an implementation library for IPP, so far i have founds cups4j which requires a cups server (will this work on windows printers?) jspi/jipsi which looks dead (last commit 2008)
Those in charge have already said no to google print, is this the reason these projects have died?

are there any others? or comments on those 2.

10 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Pat Farrell wrote: . . . They probably think that a byte was defined by John von Neuman as having 8 bits.

And don't know what half a byte is called.

This is Alzheimer's not youth, is it a word?
10 years ago
why do programmers confuse christmas and halloween
because 31 Oct == 25 Dec
10 years ago

Jelle Klap wrote:Uhm, just leave early?

Would love to my my flexi needs to be 0 by the end of the year, and I am really borderline
10 years ago
it is my last day before christmas, 30 mins before I can go home, i have done my timesheet, cleared my desk, and the bug fix is far to large to bother starting and then leaving for 2 weeks, so how to fill that time. I sit next to my scrum master
10 years ago
i would make an interface of Printable or some such name and that has one method called PrintReport

then each class (customer, sales etc ) would implement Printable and have it's own PrintReport method

the you could have a list<Printable> and loop around the list calling PrintReport and it wouldn't matter what you placed in the list.

so as someone else said generics and polymorphism pretty well go together.
10 years ago
I wasn't sure which forum this question belongs in so here goes...

we are double encoding our rest resource parameters and JBOSS seems to be incorrectly handling the @Encoded

here is my method, if i run it like this (using JBOSS as my web server) the parameter arrives double encoded, if I add @Encoded it arrives only singly encoded.
When i run this using glassfish with @Encoded the parameters arrive double encoded and without it they are singly encoded (which is how i think it should be)

version information
Glassfish 3.1.2
windows 7

from the JBOSS/ jax-rs pages i found

The annotation can be used on a class, method, or param. By default, inject @PathParam and @QueryParams are decoded. By additionally adding the @Encoded annotation, the value of these params will be provided in encoded form.

I need my code to run under both systems (and websphere when we get that working at all ) so are there any flags or settings to help with this please
10 years ago
i have 2 methods:

so the only logic is the private mapper method, i have 3 options for testing this which is better
1) make the method protected
2) make it a mapper class
3) spy on the variables sent to the diaryService.update method.

i suppose there is option 4, refactor the code to remove this whole problem, but I have no idea how that could be done.
11 years ago

Swastik Dey wrote:Where do you find the 2nd array. There is only one array with 2 dimensions. 1st element contains the day and 2nd element contains the balance.

he didn't say second he said 2 dimensional (2d)