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Recent posts by priya rishi

Thanks Harilal and David.
13 years ago
Hello all ,
I am planning to study Struts .
I tried demos in IBM Websphere for SCWCD, but now that's expired.
i like to try in tomcat.
since i am new to struts, could anyone tell what all is required for trying struts demos.
Is tomcat enough?
13 years ago
Thanks so much Bear.

I got "Upload a file " in the faq.

I most probably will come back to the forum with questions as i am new to the "world of programming".
14 years ago

I am doing a small project.
I have a jsp page , in that i have a input type=file and when the user selects the file from the open dialog box , and selects the upload button , it should be sent to the server and stored in the backend.

I am new to this concept and dont know where to start.

i would appreciate if any of you can give me any suggestion.

14 years ago
I need to study ClearCase and ClearQuest in this weekend for my project.
If anyone can send me links and faq, it would be great.
as you are having confirmation from paypal , its good.
try calling after 3 business days as you said.
Hello Lucas,
I remember buying voucher for SCJP online.
I dont think it took me more than a day.
2 days is long.
try to contact sun customer service.
did you print the order summary page , which also has the voucher no. along with the expiration date.
hello ankit,

Servlets - is a Server side Program,so

1.any method like getServer... is always about the Server(very obvious)

2.any method like getLocal.. is again about the Server(local to Server is always Server , not the client.)

3.any method like getRemote.. is referring to the client(client is remote to the Server.)

Hope it helps.

Can admin also do other http methods with above said constrained http methods if they are there in servlet
i.e can admin do PUT also on the said url?

As per your constraint definition, GET and POST methods for this url can be accessed ONLY by the Admin.
But the other methods have no constraint defined, so they can be accessed by any role.