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Kevin Chen

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since Nov 02, 2008
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Recent posts by Kevin Chen

what kind of OOM did you get?

heap space?
permgen space?
or .......???
12 years ago
Is there more detail information such as exception stack?
you don't want to use send redirect because you're worrying about the session sharing problem between A and B, do you?

if so, how about SSO?

there's a Central Authentication Service(CAS) that provided a SSO solution.

i hope that's been of some help.

have fun.
13 years ago
set /* to <url-pattern> in the filter configuration that means will be all resource(*.css, *.js, *.jpg ... ...) pass .
[ November 03, 2008: Message edited by: best gembler ]
13 years ago
Are they behind the firewall ?
13 years ago