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Recent posts by Tiago Farias


I'm in big trouble =P. See, I've developed a menu using struts-menu 2.4.3 with Struts 2. It's working ok but I need to get the titles of the menus from a properties file (router-messages.properties). The whole app is internacionalized like this. But it just doesn't work with struts-menu. Here is my menu-config.xml file:

Hi, I've developed a menu using struts-menu 2.4.3 with Struts 2. It's working ok but I need to take the titles of the menus from a properties file (router-messages.properties). The whole app is internacionalized like this. But it just doesn't work with struts-menu. Here is my menu-config.xml file:

Please notice that I'm trying to use a key to my properties file in the item 'userMenu'. All other items work, but not this one. It shows literally 'application.header.users'.

Here's my jsp:

Does anybody know how to make struts-menu recognize that I'm using a key to a properties file and not a literal String??


13 years ago

I´m trying to change the way of bean injection in my system, from xml to annotations. Searching about it (even here in the forum), I was able to run my application without errors (I mean, stacktraces). The thing is, when I try to inject the bean, looks like the Spring Container. When I run some tests, I see that the object to be injected(a controller) is 'null'. I´ve tried so many things, with no success, so it seems something is missing. Below are my code and configurations. Oh, and right now I´m just trying to change a feature of the app, if it works, I´ll apply the changes to the rest of the app.


Now my configurations(applicationContext.xml is divided in 2 parts, controladorContext.xml and daoContext.xml):

That´s it, I have no idea why that doesnt work. =/ Any help is much appreciated! =]

Thanks in advance!
13 years ago
Howdy Mark & Humphrey!

My question is specifically about the book itself: What would you say is the "highlights" in this book? I mean, I know it´s about SCEA, it´s stages and stuff. But what is the emphasis? Design Patterns? Frameworks? OO?

I´m waiting for the answer. =D

Hello Craig!
It´s nice talking to you,
my question is: I always wanted to develop something using Spring AOP (I use AspectJ right now). Does the book talk about the advantages of using Spring AOP rather than Aspectj or other AOP containers? And does it give the basics of using Spring AOP? I mean, for someone who never used it before?

Thanks for your time!
14 years ago

I have a question that actually is very important for me to know at the moment (I´m working in a project with Spring and Hibernate):

How do I use Spring to configure my Hibernate Cache?? I mean, do I need to use a "special" bean in my configuration? Which one is it?? And how to do it?

Does the book explain how to do it? What about second-level caching?

Best regards!

14 years ago
Hello everyone,

I´m trying to make a login feature using jasypt, acegi and hibernate to store the password in the db. Just for testing, I am trying to log on using the password "1". For that purpose I execute the following code on a main class:

I take the password generated and put manually on my db. Ok. Then I configured my app to work with Acegi, jasypt and hibernate, making encoders in a file named securityContext.xml - a Spring configuration file. It´s like this:

There are no errors. The app starts on tomcat but when I try to log in with the password "1", looks like passwords dont match. I get a "Invalid password or login". I guess it´s an integration problem between hibernate and acegi. Anybody has a clue what´s going on? Please! Any help is appreciated - a lot!

14 years ago
Hello! I´m trapped with the exactly same problem! Well, the App starts but when I try to log on (SSL connection), I get a ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.Provider. And it is odd because the WAS java.security has IBMJSSEProvider as the first priority! Doesn´t even have the Sun JSSEProvider on the priority list.

Please folks! Any help appreciated =]
15 years ago
Thank you very much Peer! I got it! You saved the day =]
15 years ago
I made a bat file and executed. The file:

set AXIS_HOME=D:\tiago.silva\axis
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\axis-1.4.jar;
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\axis-jaxrpc-1.4.jar;
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\axis-saaj-1.4.jar;
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\axis-wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar;
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\commons-discovery-0.2.jar;
set AXIS_LIB =%AXIS_HOME%\lib\commons-logging-1.1.jar;

java -classpath org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java habita.wsdl

The .bat file is in the "axis" folder. The habita.wsdl is there too. But now he doesn�t complain: "NoClassDefFound Error: WSDL2Java", but "NoClassDefFound Error: habita/wsdl" and "ClassNotFoundException: habita.wsdl" that�s is so odd. Like it�s not finding the file or something...
Hope you can help.

And thank you very much! =D
15 years ago
Well, I added these jars in my project�s dependencies. But when I get to the prompt and then to my project�s root, and enter java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java habita.wsdl I still get the "NoClassDefFound Error". Arh, it�s very frustrating... The strange thing is, I added the jars that you mentioned in my project! The WSDL2Java.class is there! Well, you got the picture... help please! =]

15 years ago
Thanks for your answer Peer! Ok. I�m not trying to change it anymore. I just got the rpc/encoded style all over again and am trying to generate it with axis 1.4. Using the command: java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java habita.wsdl I get: NoClassDefFound Error. Any ideas?

Thanks again!
15 years ago
Hi Peer!

Thanks for the tips! Well, I got the point. The problem is that I dont know how to do this change(like I said, I started studying recently) plus this wsdl was not designed by me. So, I tried to make some changes, it�s validating but I dont know if it fits...

would you mind to take a look??

Thank you very much again!
15 years ago

After almost a month studying about webservices and stuff, and trying to generate java code from a wsdl with axis, xfire, cxf etc. with no success, I started to think that maybe the wsdl that was given to me is wrong. Not a syntax error but a schema mistake or something. I really don�t understand a lot about wsdl... so that�s why I want your help to find out if there�s something wrong with this wsdl.

Note: The most common error is: "Rpc/encoded wsdls are not supported by jaxws 2.0"

And it�s not a framework problem, cos I was able to generate java classes from another wsdl.

Here it is:

15 years ago