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Congratulations for your good score

Devaka you are correct here. As I got with my scjp exam, there were some similar type questions on the exam, but not exact questions. You are not violating copyrights. Your simulator is great, actually.
13 years ago
I didn't see any post made by Kathy for a long time
13 years ago
Hi Antriksh,

According to our Naming Policy, I think you should remove the smile emotion symbol from your Display Name.
What is the source geeta?

Originally posted by asanka vithanage:
hay ranchers,

when i am doing the whizlabs i got about 50 marks out of 72(70%) for practice test 2&3

in devaka,s test i got only 32 out of 72(44%)

What about your score on other mocks? I mean, WhizLabs practice 1, 4 and Final exam? And you got 44% for which mock exam of Devaka's simulator? Didn't you do other mock exams on that simulator?
It is able to compile.

The method meth1(int i) in the class C1 has the package level access (default visibility), therefore it is visible for the package p1 only.

In this case, the method meth1(int i) in class C2 is just a new method, because C2 is in a new package, package p2.
Hi Subarata,

You have to contact your local prometric test center. Click here to find your local prometric test center.

Good Luck