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Recent posts by Daniel Breitner

It is possible.

Portlet -> Applet: Use Applet parameters.

Applet -> Portlet: Use Netscape javascript libraries to call jsvascript functions that take the parameters
11 years ago
Has anyone of you tried to compare an Iterator vs. an Enumeration with removing Elements from a list (the only usecase I would recommend an iterator)?
In the enumeration case it would require to create a second list holding the non-removed Elements... sounds imperformant to me.
11 years ago

Does anybody know whether there will or will not be a new Version of SCWCD, maybe with JSF ?
Well ... I did it (finally).

I almost forgot about this cert when my son was born but now that he sleeps through the whole night I had the time to do it and passed

Thanks to this forum - you´re still the best !

11 years ago
Hello everybody,

just a quick question because I was confused by Ethnuwares Training program:

Is it possible for a MDB for actually rollback a transaction from a bean sending a message to the MDB ?

I thought that MDBs would live in a transaction context that would always be created for them by the container ...
Ok, this email I got.

I just thought there would be a way to see it online
There I can only see the score of my SCJP which I have passed over a year ago.

Does anyone else have the same problem ?
Hei you all,

I am just wondering : Is there a way to see the score online ?

I already passed and wanted to see it.

but at http://www.certmanager.net/sun there is no score ...


my approach was to use a JOptionPane together with the String.matches() method.

Works perfect and is a real simple solution
Congrats !!! Now get yourself a beer
12 years ago
ok, I´m back ... so what were my decisions ?

First of all ... I had the URLyBird ...

3 Tier Thin-Client Architecture :

Server Layer (accessing the data file)
Business Layer (on Server)
Client Layer

No Logging (just printStackTrace at the three layers)
No 48 hours rule implemented
RMI as network approach
No Unbook - Button
Filtering of all Non-Exact matches in the business layer
Thread safety was done using java.concurrent.locking

I used the following pattern:

DAO (for accessing the data file)
Business Delegate (for encapsulating the network approach)
Factory (for getting the dao)
Wrapper (for the JTableModel)

12 years ago
400 points.


I need a beer.

Thanks to all you great guys here at coderanch - i would never have done this without you !!!

I will post my decisions later here when I finished my beer ...
12 years ago
Forget about my last post - I found the automatic answer in my spam folder ;)
I also sent it to developer-submit_US@oracle.com .

Did anyone of you guys receive an email confirmation ?