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Recent posts by Bobes Calin

I was trying to say that when i want to sort the values from values

with the method sort from java.util.Collections class

it gives me an error:
Bound mismatch: The generic method sort(List<T>) of type Collections is not applicable for the arguments (List<JTableTest.Value[]>). The inferred type JTableTest.Value[] is not a valid substitute for the bounded parameter <T extends Comparable<? super T>>
This problem is when i modified the structure of the list:


Like i wrote up in the code the class Value implements the interface Comparable

and i override the method

7 years ago
I figured out. I modified the array list to

and added the values from DB to the table. In the getColumnClass method just return Value.class only for the first column.

Now i have problems with sorting...

doesn`t work now
7 years ago
Thanks Paul for reply.

If you want checkboxes in the first column then the getColumnClass() method for that column should return Boolean.class.

Sorry not making me clear. I have returned that, with the Value class.

The problem in this case is do i have to insert all the columns independently from the DB in the getValueAt(int row, int col) overrided method?

I need a way to insert all the data from DB in one move, all the columns once, like i am using to insert the values in the first column from the DataModel constructor

7 years ago
Hi everyone! I am trying to make a custom table for a DB and i am stuck.

I want only the first column to have a checkbox and others not.

Is there a better way to insert the values instead using the getValueAt ?

This is my code

7 years ago
Thanks Paul Clapham for the reply.

I figured out what the problem was that i needed to created the value object each time the loadTable() is called

then just use the model.loadTable() and everything is working fine

7 years ago
I tried in the button action listener

but it now it trows an exception

what i missed?

7 years ago
My bad i didnt post the rest of the code where the datamodel object is created.

and there is a button which is sending data to DB then i was tryingf to call

i was trying also to recall the loadTabel method but didnt work

7 years ago

I found an interesting example HERE and i made some modification in the table model to use the second column (with the checkbox).

The data that i put in that column are from a database column. The problem is when i want to reload the table the (fireTableDataChanged() is not working).

When i start the app the table loads the data but when i want to add or remove it doesnt refresh.

- the query is sent to the database but the table did not repaint.

Please tell me what i am missing

Here is what i modify

7 years ago
Thank you Carey Evans!
13 years ago
thank you. Yes the { "/sbin/ifconfig", "-a" } and it show me only the fisrt line from the output. Can you please show me a good working example?

Well i can see the mac address:

but i can`t see the network ip. On windows work this code:

in the first try is the localhost and the second should show me the network ip not I don`t get it why? on windows work and on linux not, and that`s why i need to capture the cosole output for the ip.

13 years ago
Hello guys! I want to capture the output from the linux console. More precisely i want to capture the mac and the address from the /sbin/ifconfig -a command. I have made a method but it doesn`t work.

If i run xterm or an application it works. How can i run linux command and receive the output on java?

13 years ago
yes you are right with the count.

i put it out from the loop and initialized with a with an int value on the server

but the same thing only one file is copied
I tried to send the number of files that are in the File[] array

in the client sendFileToServer()

and the server receiveFileFromClient()

but hte same thing, only the first file is send.
yes the server reads only the fisrt file. How can i do the loop? on what criteria?

Thank you!

I have a litle problem (i think) on my client server application. The aplication sends one file and not all that i give it to it.

here is the code for the server....

and for the client....

Can anybody show me how to send all the files? Thank you!