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Recent posts by saipavan vallabhaneni

thanks himanshu and abhi

i understood now
sorry Himanshu,
i didn't understand what you were trying to tell

1.4E-45 -1.4E-45
-2147483648 -2147483648
-1 1
integer max value: 2147483647

Output completed (0 sec consumed)

i got the following output...

why is n being assigned a -ve value where we assigned -m to n

why are the m and n values same??? though we have assigned a -m to n...

new Person("sai")..the hashCode returns 3 and so in the corresponding bucket using equals method search for "sai" should be made and the corresponding value "11" must b retrieved ..but i am not getting it

though i had over ridden the hashCode() and equals() method i am unable to retrieve the stored value... y is it soo?

hi Emanuel,
the following code might help you

a scanner can directly take file as an argument...and the scanner's findInLine() can take only a specify the pattern you want in a String and pass it to findInLine() and check the result

thanks Punit,
thanks for the detailed explanation
[LIST][*]why is the 1st method invokation getting comppiled even when the types are different
[*]why is showing error for 4th invokation to which the values passed are of same type and result is being casted to int ???

when i compile the program below its giving an error...i am unable to to understand whats wrong with the program foreach not applicable to expression type
for (Object obj : reverse(list))

thanks Ankit,
i am now a little aware of working of the mehods ...
thanks henry,
but in the 1st code snippet having source "ab34ef" why is the group() method returning a null(when start() returns 0)instead of "a"(since it has 0 or more digits) method returns the match that has been found(which in my guess is "a" rather than null as returned by the group())
thanks ankit,

but is it not true that greedy quantifier looks at the entire source string once and then reverts back from right to find the match and include the part of the source left side to the match as the final match...

source: yyxxxyxx
regex: .*xx
output: yyxxxyxx(at match is found at the end and part source string prior to the match is included in the output as the entire source ends in a xx)