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Recent posts by Kannan Raman

Hi Manoj,

First of all thak you so much for your reply.

The thing is that I don't want form based authentication,since that is overhead of typing the login information again. But I am sure

that we can track the user id from java.
14 years ago
Hello Team,

I have to get the logged in user id of the client machine using jsp/servlet.

Let me explain my query briefly.

For displaying the user name in a portal,I need to track the window's logged in user id.

I hope there is some method namely System.getProperty("User.Name") ;

But this method pulls the server machine's logged in user id.I just want the logged in user id (Windows User id) of the client machine which is
making the request.

I am not supposed to use any of the authentication mechanisms (namely BASIC, Form Based etc..) .

Any help towards this query is greatly appreciated.

14 years ago
Sorry all,
Before mentioning the problem,the connection was lost.I am extremely sorry for that.

I have developed a portal for a Quiz application.I am using JSP as front end and MS SQL Server as backend.

I am encrypting both the question and correct answer.While I am trying to store these details into the database I am getting a SQL exception.

[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]Incorrect syntax near '_vm'.

I fixed the issue.The reason for the problem is,While encrypting the text it will insert the ' & " .While trying to insert that into DB,the SQL server is trigerring this exception.

The data type of the field in the database is varchar2(1000).

Please help me to resolve this.
Thanks a lot Ulf..

I will try to resolve that.
15 years ago
Thanks for your response Ulf.

I want to display that contents in a HTML page.Thatz it.
15 years ago
Hi all,
I have developed a flash project using Adobe Flex.Now I want to access that flash project(.swf file)through a JSP page.

I am using Tomcat 5.0 web server.I don't know where to deploy this flash project inside the Tomcat server.

I have tried with Runtime class of lang package also(Using exec method).

Any inputs,greatly appriciated.
15 years ago