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I have an enterprise application (EAR) that contains two web application (JSF 1.2) and one busiess app (EJB jar), deployed at glassfish v 2.1.1
the problem is when we add the second web app (jsf) the save state in the two web application stop working any more.

and help and support will be appreciated.

10 years ago
I have an issue with Glassfish v2.1.1 clustered
I had deploy an enterprise application (EAR) into cluster
And I was use container security with JSF
application running well in single node (without clustering) but in clustering environment after hitting the server several times, application forward the client to the login page (i.e. the session expired)
But after I look at glassfish monitor tool, i found that session doe not expired, it seems to that user credentials has been lost

any advise will be appreciated
11 years ago
can not loacte local seesion bean from another web appliaction running in the same JVM using Glassfish v2.1

as i know from EJB3 specs we can use local seesion from the same JVM, what ever it is web appliaction or ejb appliaction

or glassfish run every appliaction in diffrent JVM?

appreciate your help
i have to appliactions (P2P) and the first has a web service that need a certificate for authentication and the second application is web service clientand the two appliactions deployed at Glassfish v2.1

i configured the webservice to accept Matual Authentication (certificates) using JAX-WS,WS-Security by metro project

but when i try to call the web service from the second application that sends it's certificate i got this error

WSP1049: Loaded WSIT configuration from file: file:/D:/work/NetBeansProjects/bsdemo/build/web/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/wsit-client.xml
WSS0223: Certificate validation failed
sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
at sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilder.engineBuild(SunCertPathBuilder.java:174)

any help will be appreciated.
12 years ago
I mean using many timers in the application will it hiting the performance?
Is there any performance issues or memory leaks regrading EJB Timers?
and is there is any best practize and lessons learned for it
i use two interceptors for session bean (deployed at glassfish v2)
but i found that
one postConstruct method execute in the first interceptor , but the other does not
is there is any reason for that?
what is the beast way for loggoing in ejb3 application?
taken into consideration performance
i need j2me html viewer component that support non-English character
12 years ago
casting exception when using stubs generated from wsdl
is there is something missing in wsdl, that make mobile web service runtime (jsr 172) can not unmarshaling xml to complex types defined in wsdl

12 years ago
When we create custom Error and when to create Custom RuntimeException?

please explained
12 years ago
Hello ,

we need a complete example for ws-policy for encrypt inbound and outbound messages using symmetric key which is encrypted using server's public key
to run with metro configured in tomcat 5.5

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
Thanks, it working now
but i can not override Authentication error messages and other error messages
i want to return custom response message in case of these errors occur in web service using Metro

appreciate your efforts
12 years ago
yes i develope custom JAAS and use JAX-WS in developing web services
but because of lack of tomact for handling WS-Security, i extend the tomcat securty manager, and add another type of auth method called it "wsse"
and custom authintacator that check incomming soap message and integrate with configured JAAS relam, that populate user principles and let the web container to manager security for web service
but i'm now, relize that this approche is not standard and should be another one that fit is this case
so, how can i use metro for securing web service to support userToken or saml token
12 years ago